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George W Bush would have made a great________?

Asked by Harp (19179points) May 30th, 2008

I try to be positive and tell myself that some people may have just gotten some bad career counseling along the way and ended up in the wrong job for them. What do you think W’s missed calling might have been?

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Propane salesman.

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Crash Test Dummy

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1 Flatulence Analyst

2 Barnyard Masturbator

3 Brazilian Mosquito Researcher

4 Sensory Deprivation Subject

5 Carcass Cleaner

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@BronxLens is it bad that after reading your link i think that being a Sensory Deprivation Subject would be an awesome experience?

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License plate maker.

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Softcore porn actor

5th grade class president

Sniglet coiner

Wizard of Oz (not the old man, the apparition)

Bad News Bears head coach

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Mail room worker.

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A French Tickler?

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Mattress stain.

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Door Stop.

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“Welcome to Denny’s. What can I get for y’all tonight?”

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used car salesman

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If he’d have just told us the truth and talked to us like we were adults instead of children.

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Golf pro.

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Bartender. Didn’t he want to be everybody’s favorite drinking buddy?

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Somewhere out there, there’s a village missing its village idiot…

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Bush doesn’t play golf anymore.

I admire the sacrifices he is making. He is a great man.

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@JP. I missed that about the golf. Good to know.
That said, he seems the perfect, goofy, know-it-all type to be an outstanding golf pro at some puny driving range. I mean, can’t you just see him hanging out with Cheech Marin?

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@johnpowell The Daily Show was hilarious on the golf statement, showing him biking everywhere and dancing (?) with African leaders.

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Hotdog salesman.

Marilyn Manson’s husband.

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…Statistic for drunk driving + seatbelt safety.

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A taste of his own medicine:

Guantanamo detainee
Abu Ghraib inmate
Texas death row prisoner

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rug for my fireplace.

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Beer vendor at baseball stadium.
(“Get your ice cold beer right here!”)

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Sacrifice to the Gods.

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Nintendo character.

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…dried “flake” on his mother’s leg!

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Magician. Who doesn’t like a magician?

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Infomercial hustler.

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And his head could be a bowling ball.

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bathroom attendant

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a dirty sock of a hiker

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Top 9 things to do with W if he was a lightbulb:

10 – Don’t change it, just say you are conserving energy.

9 – Carry it to business meetings, and then when someone asks you a question, hold it over your head and say you are all out of fresh ideas.

8 – Try to recharge it.

6 – Mount it and watch it instead of the TV.

5 – Drop it in the community pond and see if it floats.

4 – Take it to a rock concert and hold it in front of you and wave it around (because you are too cheap to buy a lighter).

3 – Smash it with a hammer.

2 – Sell it to a stupid kid on the street.

1— Hold it upside-down in the middle of a flat field during a thunderstorm, wait for lightning, and then watch it glow!

Note: #7 just doesn’t make sense, which is why maybe I should have left it in the list

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Inspector for locked doors that aren’t expected to be locked

that OR…

chew toy

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Or a GTA4 “dummy”?

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Horse semen extractor

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@Wine: See BronxLens’ #2.

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Coke mule.

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“Would you like fries with that?”

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nominee for biggest douche in the universe.

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President-—(of the Midland- Odessa Chamber of Commerce)

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this post shows all that’s wrong with the left in this country

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Well, what’s your answer then?

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Barack oBAMa would make a great incompetent naive fool, race baiter, biggot, terrorist sympothizer, Jimmy Carter II, Socialist, Elitist, anti American stumbling fool who can’t make a coherent statement without his TelePrompTer. WAIT A SECOND… THATS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS.

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Barack oBAMa would make a great incompetent naive fool (Umm, this pretty much describes the last 8 years)

race baiter, biggot (Really? The Republican party doesn’t use race and bigotry to sway voters? Willie Horton, gay marriage amendments, anti-immigration bills, etc…)

terrorist sympothizer, Jimmy Carter II (you know this how?)

Elitist (GWB went to Andover, Yale and Harvard, but he’s an “average joe”?)

anti American (if anyone is anti-american, its GWB. By eliminating personal freedoms, he has destroyed 200 years of liberty)

stumbling fool who can’t make a coherent statement without his TelePrompTer (you can’t be serious here, right? The list of Bushisms is a mile long, and that’s with his teleprompter)

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@khelms01: Hi. What’s your answer to this question?

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It’s hardly just the Left that thinks W is in the wrong job. If 2/3 of the people you work for think you’re doing poor work, then you’ve probably made a bad career choice. I think that’s a generous way of looking at it.

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oh wait. he did.

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Crackhead. Oh, snap, he did that too.

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Coke not crack, he is an American aristocrat.

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Well, he says he “doesn’t remember that period in his life”, so its a lot more fun imagining him hitting the crack pipe

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I know this question is old / dead…

But I just saw this very funny YouTube animated creation of Bush pounding the pavement handing out resumes and then interviewing to work at Planned Parenthood. It’s funny – thought I’d share it here.

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