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Do you or someone you know have a good reason for supporting Sarah Palin in her political career?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) February 8th, 2010

As someone who doesn’t support her, I can’t think of anything she could bring to the table if she should decide to run for President or any other position in government. So, I’m curious what her supporters’ arguments are in her favor. What do you like about her?

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I don’t see how this thread will come up with anything serious – it’ll be just Palin bashing and we’ll all get called ‘biased liberals’ as usual…aaaaaaaaaanyway
She can brush her hair really really well – this will come in useful when…um…yea

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Baked Goods. A lovely smile?

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If Democrats want to execute a Flase Flag agenda, they should support a draft Sarah petition drive to encourage her to run for President in 2012.

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I think she’s attractive and yeah, I’m probably shallow.

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My stepfather thinks he has good reasons to be in favor of Sarah Palin. Unfortunately they’re all lies… he watches Fox News. What else is there to say?

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I would LOVE to see her further her political career by becoming the 2012 republican presidential candidate. Nothing would make me happier.

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I support anyone in the GOP who has no chance of winning an office, running for that office.

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@JeanPaulSartre My point exactly. :-)

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I will totally vote for Tina Fey in 2012. Wait…

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@timtrueman a much better candidate – on all counts.

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She remembers to write things (which she otherwise can’t remember) on her hand, to keep them handy. Pardon the pun.
That’s the kind of foresight we need in America.

No I don’t support her, in case there were any mixed signals here.

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I just watched someone interview her. She was a pretty charismatic speaker that I could see appealing to the masses (of idiots that cannot see through her flawed logic).

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@Sarcasm well, writing notes on her hand is probably better compared to “O“thers fumbling prepared speeches already being rolled on 2 tele-prompters right infront of them.

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I imagine she would be fabulous at running the carpool for her cabinet. Like, really, really good at it. She’ll probably have Capri Suns for everyone and not even care if they spill a little.

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@Likeradar or get pregnant…

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Never underestimate the ability of the opposition to use propaganda on the uneducated to back a candidate like this either. Lest we forget Dan Quayle.
But at least they had the sense to keep him quiet

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sharing her words . . . “I won’t close the door that perhaps could be open for me in the future.”

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I just listened to a good dose of local talk radio about her and her tea party speech. People who supported her, it seemed, tended to cite personal qualities about her as reasons to support her, especially along the lines of feeling her responses and actions were “truthful” or true to character and not slick willie politicking. What little I heard of her speech (replayed on the radio) seemed to support that. She was heavy on “red meat” and platitudes and vapid on any substantial matters of policy, much like Dubya was as a leader—making blanket statements of vision rather than plans or details.

I should add that a few locals who called the radio station in support of her also said they wouldn’t support her for president. Another teabagger speculated on whether she was part of someone’s “sabotage machine,” so the blanket support isn’t universal even among her supposed base.

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The other day she bashed Obama for what she called his “politics of personality”.
Just what does she think attracts people to her?

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@filmfann Sarah Baracuda has never met a contradiction that bothered here brain so long as both concepts clear her ideological hurdles. Rahm Emanuel should be fired for using the “R” word in a private meeting. Rush Limbaugh is just being an entertainer when he uses it 40 times on the air to 20 million listeners. She sees no contradiction. Both concepts square perfectly with her ideological beliefs.

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Or Glenn Beck using it multiple times, while laughing at them.
this is fun.

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Four GREAT years of Tina Fey on SNL!

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I’m not sure anyone these days (or maybe ever) has a good reason for supporting anyone. There was not a single substantial reason for anyone to vote for Obama, but they did. He had no experience whatsoever and no work history. He was persuasive, but no one could have been more untested. Is there any substantial reason to support Sarah Palin? Yes, one. And it applies to her or to any other potential candidate who is running against Obama. If they can beat him, that’s substantial reason enough to support that person. (and I tend to think that given his first year’s performance, or lack thereof, he will be imminently beatable)

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I think she is very charismatic to the conservative base. She is actually a really smart person despite what you have seen on the television and she is a great politician. I don’t think she would be a great president but she appeared to have done a great job in Alaska. I think she could do great things with the conservative movement.

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no she is vile, i have this recurring nightmare, i imagine her being manipulated by the white house hawks into giving the nod to some horrific missile strike in Iran or Yemen, somewhere hot and sandy, i imagine her caught on the hop and a little flustered… as she is late for a pressing engagement with her daughter, who she promised to accompany (strolling arm in arm) to the mall for coffee and shops :o(

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@plethora Abraham Lincoln is credited as having been one of our greatest presidents. There can be no doubt that he was tested far beyond what is typically expected of a president. He saved the union. But he had little more experience than Barack Obama did.

Herbert Hoover is on most historians’ lists as the worst president ever. He presided over the start of the Great Depression and his indecisiveness and belief in do-nothing and let it fix itself made it far worse than it needed to be. He was called Mr. Government because his depth of experience set him head and shoulders above the other politicians of his day, or any day for that matter.

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@ETpro True on Hoover. Lincoln, however, had a great deal of experience in life and in the practice of law.

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@ETpro See what you did there? You just described Obama. The examples you just gave are the same qualifications Obama had- life experience + lawyer. Is there a double standard based on party affiliation?

Just to be clear, I’m not, and never have been a supporter of Obama, either. But, I do think he displayed obvious presidential qualities that Palin does not.

Also, those who are answering that you’d support her because she’d make the opposing parties look better, I totally get that. That’s the obvious answer. But, you don’t support her career in politics, which is what was asked.

I’m really curious to hear some solid arguments in Palin’s favor. Don’t be shy… there shouldn’t be a reason to be shy if you have good reasons and cohesive thoughts on her qualifications. I know someone out there must have reasons to support her- I just want to hear them.

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It’s nice to see a variety of opinions around here. Although I have yet to see any basis for support of Palin other than some anti education elitism argument. But that is like denying someone an academic post to a scientific society because that guy is all “scientific and stuff”. If I lack an understanding in something I defer to more intelligent voices. I think her support on the right can be basically boiled down to a deeply entrenched mistrust and fear of the left. And if we are moved by fear and not sound principles of reason we are truly lost. Let’s hope that reason prevails.

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Ya, let’s get all reasony and stuff. (wink)

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^Cultural elite. ;)

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@ubersiren It was my intention, apparently lost on @plethora, to note that Lincoln and Obama shared a great deal of similarities beyond just being from Illinois.

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@ubersiren I think your last comment was aimed at me not @ETpro . First, I don’t have any solid arguments in Palin’s favor. I really think she is the wildest of wild cards.

@ETpro I see your comparisons of Lincoln and Obama and we would probably just have a difference of opinion here. When I refer to Lincoln’s life experience, I go all the way back to his boyhood, the many elections in which he ran and lost, his actual practice of law for an extended period of time, his clear identification with the Christian God. As far as I know, Obama’s background and early years are shrouded in secrecy, his practice of law is minimal, and he has had a great deal of left wing political machinations, not to mention his association with ACORN, the Reverend Wright, and others. His minimal voting record during his short time in the Senate earned him the designation as the most liberal member of Congress.

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@plethora People who spout such words as liberal thinking that it is a pejorative tip their hand in the process. It is giving another good word, conservative, an unjustified bad name.

We should probably just agree to disagree about Obama’s experience. As to his past being shrouded in mystery, probably so for those with such colsed minds that none of the information available will ever penetrate them.

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@plethora and @ETpro Whoops, you’re right. I meant to address @plethora. I’m having some serious reading problems lately! What is wrong with me?! Anyway, I’m not going to get into this debate, as it wasn’t intended from the original question. But, I will agree with @ETpro and say that I think people are believing what they want to believe about Obama. There’s skepticism from the right and other opposition where there really needn’t be. We know everything we need to about the president There are plenty of reasons to not like Obama other than his personal past or religion. Other than illegal activity, it’s really not our business.

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Yes, the animal rights movement trying to protect the rights of fruit flies.

What do you get when you cross Sarah Palin with a fruit fly?

A fruit fly whose memory is even shorter than its life span.

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I would love to teabag her

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It’s a bad idea to tea bag anyone whose nickname in high school was Barracuda

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