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Have any of you experienced anything that just made you completely crack up lately?

Asked by laurenkem (3398points) June 23rd, 2012

I work at home doing tech support for a cable company and last night, my Team Manager was listening to my calls to make sure I was doing my job properly. A very nice lady called, told me her problem and announced she was 88 years old. At this point, I could hear her husband in the background. So I followed protocol, authenticated her account with both her address and her “pin”, and then I think she forgot I could hear her, (I’m not sure about this!) and yelled to her husband and said “Next they’re gonna ask me what color my shit is!”

My TM spit out his snack and we both just fell out cracking up. I had a very difficult time being serious with her after that….

Made my work bearable, though – neither one of us stopped laughing the entire night!

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@ragingloli she said schittzz! LOL!

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I went out in the sun today & completely forgot to moisturise when I returned home.

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At my last People in Support of Women in Philosophy meeting, one of my friends stood up and said “Crazy picture!”, then snapped a photo. I laughed uncontrollably for about twenty minutes when I saw the picture because the two sides of the table reacted in completely different ways. The people on the far side all did these fake gangsta poses with arms out and mouths gaping in frozen yells, like normal crazy picture stuff, but on my side the guy next to me put his head in his hands, then there’s me staring wide-eyed while reaching for a beer, and the girl on my other side with raised eyebrows behind a can she’d just swung up to drink from. It looks like we’d just lost some awful bet to the people on the other side of the table, or maybe like we’d seen a monster and were photographed in that shocked moment before you can tell the hapless victims they’re about to be eaten.

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I went out in the sun today and completely forgot to moisturise when I returned home.

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My students do that to me. Every single day!

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This in my very serious class run by a very serious professor.

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While browsing cat pictures, I saw some photoshopped cat pics that really did crack me up.

Also, while we were horseback riding a few days ago, my 6 yr old said, “I’m just waiting for my horse to leak.” I knew what she meant, but I almost fell out of the saddle from laughing so damn hard!

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I always try to encourage people to keep a notebook with things their children say and other special things like birthday parties, gifts, teachers, Halloween costumes and such, @WillWorkForChocolate. That would definitley be written in the notebook.

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So, what color is everyone’s shit?

Lately? I can’t think of anything outside of everything that happens in Lollipop Chainsaw. But I was playing some other game years ago, I actually forget what it was, but one of the characters is a girl who slaps people around with a glove. I was fighting an enemy that looked like the grim reaper. My friend was over, and when she saw me slap the enemy, she’s all like, whoa, did you just bitchslap the grim reaper? I’ll always remember that. Aaaah Nina, where art thou now?

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I was driving my small Ford Ranger pickup very slowly through a Wall Mart parking lot a couple of days ago. I was driving a bout the same speed as two young guys on skateboards. I realize it at the time but one of the guys grabbed a hold of the back of my truck as I was approaching the stop sign leading to a city street. Apparently the skateboard rider was hoping that I would roll through the stop sign and pick up speed like most cars do. However I am probably the only driver on this planet that actually comes to a full and complete stop at EVERY stop sign that I come to. Suddenly I heard a load thunk and then I realized that the skateboard rider had plowed into the back of my truck. He was OK as he quickly took off an a different direction.

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@Symbeline whoa…you bitchslapped the grim reaper??? Hard core indeed. You fucking rule in hell! :)

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I slapped that fucker indeed. :D

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So, has anyone heard this song? Well, the chorus is quite popular to make unique, or just to say at all. Anyway, I was on my Facebook chat today, and noticed a friend that I didn’t know very well. So, I messaged him this chorus from the song that is very funny, and you know what he said? “No. Get the fuck away from me.”

Best day ever.

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I watched a few episodes of Mock the Week and that cracks me up a bit. My 7 year old son is always good for a crack up or two. A few days ago, I was folding laundry and he was playing in the living room, looking through his Xbox games. ‘Mommy, what game should I play?’ I said, ‘Play the putting-your-clothes-away game.’ He looks at his stack of games and says, ‘I don’t have that one…... wait, you mean, eye are el?’ Me: ‘Did you just say, I.R.L?’ He answers and shrugs his shoulders, ‘Yeah, it means In Real Life.’ I cracked up.

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Talking to my boyfriend on the phone last night. He really did have me laughing with tears.

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One of my students didn’t come to class on Wednesday or Thursday. Another student explained that he was sick. I said, “What’s wrong with him?”
He said, “Mud butt.”
I didn’t ask any more questions. :)

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I was talking to a woman yesterday who was wearing a name tag. I called her doctor so and so and she laughed and explained she wasn’t a doctor and asked me to read her name tag again. It said, “Sue Salisbury, MD” I thought her name was Sue Salisbury. Nope, her name is Sue and she’s from Salisbury, Maryland. The second I reread her name tag, I got it. I laughed so hard I doubled over. She must have thought I was a nut.

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I just watched The Serpent and the Rainbow. Some dude rips his own head off and throws at the wall. That was pretty goddamn funny.

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Today I went to a cookout with my best friend at her love interest’s house and while we were sitting and chatting I felt water drops on my skin, and I made a comment that it was starting to rain. My friend’s guy countered my observation by saying that it wasn’t rain, but the A/C. Both my friend and I looked up and around us trying to find the A/C unit he was referring to but it was nowhere to be seen as we were in the middle of the backyard. We looked at him and started laughing but he was very sure that it was the A/C units of his neighbors and according to him the wind was blowing the water towards us. I was skeptical but chose to believe him since no one else seemed to be noticing the “rain.” Lo and behold, a few minutes later it started picking up and the first words out of my mouth were “darn it, we should’ve put some money on it.” But it was pretty funny and really made me laugh and I know I won’t soon be letting him live this down lol

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I didn’t really crack up, but it brought a genuine smile to my face, and I chuckled to myself in public. I saw a t-shirt that said something like, “May your life be truly as amazing as you make it look on Facebook!”

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