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When are you too old for rock and roll?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36640points) June 26th, 2012

I had to laugh a bit ago. I love my music, and yeah, I like it loud. (I only do that when my hallway is deserted.) It tends to draw people to my office when they have trouble finding people in this building. This woman sticks her head in my office and asks if the Dr next to me will be in today. I got up and shut off the music and she goes “Jungle music”. I helped her out and got her connected to the Dr’s other office, but I’m still laughing. “Jungle music”, it was train. That’s pretty tame for me. She was born in 1944. Have fun with this.

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My sister-in-law just got back from seeing Aerosmith in concert in Chicago. She is in her early-40s. She went with a group of about 20 women she is friends with from an Aerosmith Fan Club. I have seen photos of these women together and believe me when I say you (apparently) are never too old to rock and roll.

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We need to ask Mick Jagger this question. :)

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@jonsblond That has got to be the best answer to this question ever. How are you doing? I should have done that in a PM. I’ll do that.

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Ok, I have to tell my story.

I was in Barnes & Noble buying a Nine Inch Nails album and the pimply kid at the check out counter looked at me and said “Never too old for some Nine Inch Nails, huh?”


(The only good outcome was that I used that story to score some tickets to see Modest Mouse from a radio DJ.)

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You’re never too old for it. I’m so not going to stop listening to AC/DC just because I’m 80 and not 18!!!

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When my rocks no longer roll and my rolls don’t rock.

So, never.

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I would have to agree with never. I heard a chorus from a retirement community singing Led Zeppelin.

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I agree with never. I’m going to keep listening to my music. If anything, my music might get too old for the younger generations.

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Never understood when people say music is too old. I love music from the 60’s and 70’s and that’s many years before I existed.

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You’re never too old to enjoy the things that you like. I still blast my eighties metal and hair rock music when I’m driving. I like some older music before my time too.

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When your dead.

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Any music you ever enjoy can be enjoyed forever! Unless you get bored with it. Then it still remains in your nostalgia pile, to be pulled out now and then.

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I can’t imagine not listening to metal. Even though I may look like I’m in some mid-life crisis when I’m older, I’ll still be rockin’.

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When you think it means you’re about to be served rock cake & a sausage roll, but by that time you’re most likely sitting in a puddle of your own piss, unable to distinguish between music & a digital alarm.

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This is like asking “When are you too old for music?” I’m 61 and can still love rock n roll music as well as most other types of music. Anyway, I hope that I die before I stop loving rock music!

Some people just have a narrow view of what they consider good music.

Hey can you dig this?

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Damn, @jonsblond: You TOTALLY beat me to that answer! Props.

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Never. Never. Never. @jonsblond I saw The Rolling Stones in concert only a few years ago and Mick was still running from one side of a very long stage to the other and back again while singing. He certainly wasn’t too old to rock and roll. Apparently the Stones have finally decided to retire from touring.

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When I’m in the ground, and not a moment before.

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There is a Rock ‘n Roll heaven.

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Wrinkle rock.


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