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Why am I having so many nightmares lately?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) June 27th, 2012 from iPhone

For the past week I’ve had nightmares almost every day. What’s up with this? What can I do to stop this?

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Perhaps check on any anxiety you may be feeling during your waking hours. School, family, work, S/O, health, money? Those are most of the cosmic issues.

Do you mean while you are sleeping? Are you sleeping during the day?

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Exposure to scary stuff like horror films or video games might contribute.

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Does anything happen in your nightmares that reminds you of things from real life?

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Are you stressed out about anything?

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Probably you are stressed about something. Maybe worried about something upcoming? Or, feel you were treated badly by someone? What are the nightmares about? Are you getting physically hurt in them? Chased? Late for something?

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What are you eating or drinking before you go to sleep?

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@bkcunningham has a good point. Seems whenever I consume large amounts of sugar before bed, I not only have nightmares but just weird shit happens in them.

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Do you take any prescription medication? They can cause nightmares.

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I find if I wear something that fits tightly while I sleep I have nightmares, particularly anything with a collar. To some extent, just being warm brings them on.

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Maybe you have a lot of things in your waking life that you are just not ready to face yet, so your mind tries to sort through it while you’re sleeping.

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Meditate before you go to bed.

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