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I don't have nightmares. How common is that? What does it mean?

Asked by rexpresso (922points) August 25th, 2010

The most I remember from a nightmare is from many many years ago and it’s just the experience of waking up startled… but not really frightened I guess.

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Do you typically remember your dreams at all?

If you remember your dreams and never have nightmares – well I guess that would mean you are pretty relaxed in general. Just a guess, though. Lucky you! :)

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Your lucky i guess.

I have recurring dreams, but know it’s from trauma in my past.

You may well live a good life and nothing phases you in general.

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I think we all dream constantly, but for whatever reason, some of us remember more details than others.

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I don’t have nightmares anymore…I live them. I have only had great fun dreams for the longest time now…perhaps living the bad dreams takes away the need for scary stuff in your sleep??

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It means you are are pretty free of latent fears and/or subconscious conflicts, neurosis.
Sounds like you are mentally and emotionally well integrated.

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Your dreams are generally generated from what you put into your head.

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You can have dreams you don’t remember, including nightmares.

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being free of nightmares is not weird. it means you are healthy, stress free, and free of anything that strikes fear in you.

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I don’t have nightmares either – it’s been many, many years since I had one. Most of my dreams are strange adventure-type dreams, some of them even have plot (bad plot, but plot nonetheless). I guess as @enlil says, it’s a sign of good mental health and lack of fear.

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You are not supposed to have nightmares.

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I agree with @Simone_De_Beauvoir. I thought the problem was if you had nightmares. I’ve never had them either, and I’m glad.

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I think this is an interesting question, but I don’t see how it could adequately be answered beyond guessing. Without knowing so, so, so much about you, we couldn’t know all the factors that contribute to why you don’t have nightmares. Also, the reason you don’t have nightmares may not be the same reason another one doesn’t.

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I don’t either, I used to back when my daytime life wasn’t a nightmare. With things like they are today, after a full day of living a nightmare, I dream only pleasant dreams at night.

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You’re probably a very sound, stable person with very few insecurities. Good on you and I hope your sweet dreams continue for years to come. Nightmares are usually based on subconcious fears, painful memories and so on which are stored in the back of our mind in which we choose not to deal with in our waking life. But that’s not to say if you watch Jaws before you sleep you wont have a nightmare about sharks. I suggest just being happy with the fact you dont have them, and enjoy your peaceful nights.

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@TheOnlyNeffie yeah sometimes I remember dreams and upon waking up I sometimes even type them to the cellphone and they span pages… so yeah I remember.

@Cruiser that suggestion is intriguing… I don’t feel like I live a nightmare. I don’t live a dream either… I live a somewhat satisfying life albeit with a persistent urge to become an entrepreneur that I haven’t yet made real…

@Coloma okay if we’re talking about my mind.. ehe.. I’ve got an ADD diagnosis, I’ve been totally ADHD as a child. But yes I think I have a tranquil dealing with my life’s surroundings, close or far… I do my best, I try to live by the values of integrity, justice and adventure… and really don’t tend to go to bed with guilty thoughts or whatever like that. Talking about neuroticism, here’s the results of my “big five” personality test…

@Nullo like whether I put sugar or coffee or magic mushrooms into my head? Well there was one time that I tried to pull an all nighter, to do some work, but I was already sleep deprived. I downed two Red Bull’s, and thought, why not take a nap… set the alarm for forty minutes. What happened? It was interesting. The kick from the Red Bull came up inside the dream, and I had a very vivid and lucid dream until the damn alarm went off…

@downtide ahaha, I know what you mean, “bad plot, but plot nonetheless”, yes I totally know… funny.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir thanks you are very kind ;p

@ETpro same idea as @Cruiser… curious logic. Worth some further though… hey, for both of you, best wishes for your waking life…

@shelley :))

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I think it’s pretty common. I don’t get nightmares either. Maybe like only once a year, if that. Lets just be happy that we don’t really get nightmares

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I don’t think anyone should be alarmed or concerned if they do not recall having any disturbing dreams. Some of us hardly recall our dreams at all. Occasional bad dreams that someone recalls on waking up often have something to do with things that cause concern while you are awake. Sometimes they seem to be total nonsense.

If a person has chronic nightmares that prevent them from getting enough rest, that may require some kind of intervention.

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I NEVER had a nightmare in my entire life either and I remember every single dream I have…. and still not even one nightmare in my entire life even after watching scary movies and going to 4 different haunted houses….. still no nightmares. I NEVER had a brain freeze in my entire life either…. I wonder what they feel like? I have tried to give myself one but still no brain freeze.

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Not having nightmares (or ones that or memorable) could either stem from one of two extremes. One extreme being the individual is a psychopath, where what would be considered a nightmare by a “normal” person (without neurological disorders) is not registered as such or the person is out of touch with reality to the point where bad dreams are more of like enjoying a good horror movie. The second extreme would be that you are so easy going you have nothing in your subconcious that insights misunderstanding or emotional distress.

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I don't get nightmares. And no, I don't have good mental health at all. I struggle with ADHD and depression, I'm pretty stressed, and I have control issues. I think I forget them.

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I used to have nightmares, one specifically happened over and over. Then I told my family about it. And never had a nightmare again. I have had dreams that should be really scary. One such I was dissected alive. But I woke up laughing. I wonder if thats a bad thing.

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When I was in my early teens I had my last nightmare. The next day I swore to never have a bad dream ever again. 50 years later and no nightmares.

I once had a dream where I was fighting someone and threw a kick that my wife felt that night..

Then there was the one sad dream of my mother dieing.

Once in a while I’ll get a long dream with different chapters, these would make good movies if only I could fully remember them.

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