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Aren't worries about Global Warming in the proverbial eye of the beholder?

Asked by josie (30934points) June 27th, 2012

I live in Ohio. Last Fall was warm and temperate. Winter came and went with only a minimum of snow and frigid temps. Spring was beautiful. Summer has so far been moderate, and only tomorrow are they predicting truly hot weather. If this is global warming, I will take it.

So sorry about people who live precariously on the edge of the coasts, or those who only know how to buid houses made of ice.

Doesn’t every dog have it’s day?

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I get what you are saying. I worry about unanticipated consequences, perhaps ocean currents changing or methane below frost lines being released.

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If you want to risk a fuckton of the plants and animals you eat going extinct, sure, whatever, global warming is no big deal.

Your total disregard for human beings other than yourself and your immediate loved ones continues to charm me.

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Not really bro. Whether one believes it’s real or not, the consequences estimated to emerge from its worsening and fucking shit up remain the same.

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Ask the polar bears. They’re taking it on the chin.

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Sure, if you care only for yourself.

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Put yourself in an eskimo’s shoes, you know, those things that look like tennis rackets.
He sits in his igloo, having dinner with his family & feels the walls & ceiling closing in around him. Must be very claustrophobic, not to mention the constant dripping of water on your lasagne.

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You are going to ignore the scentific facts of global warming based on the temperature in your local area? That strikes me as stupid.

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@marinelife I’ll give you the GA for your trouble. Not real sure why you think using words like stupid helps to get your point across, but so be it.

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@josie Sorry. You question struck me as disingenuous, and I momentarily lost it. It is using the words belief and global warming in the same sentence. It is like saying if you don’t believe in gravity will you rise up into the sky? Since when has scientific fact been subject to belief?

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“I live in Ohio. Last Fall was warm and temperate. Winter came and went with only a minimum of snow and frigid temps. Spring was beautiful. Summer has so far been moderate, and only tomorrow are they predicting truly hot weather. If this is global warming, I will take it.”


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But you can’t deny that the climate has CHANGED. We have already seen consequences that we didn’t expect, such as the obscene numbers of tornados doing serious damage in the midwest. How can we be sure of what will happen now.
(I live in Ohio also, and we are in the middle of a drought, and it’s f****ing hot!)

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I am surprised that you can ignore all of the scientific evidence for Global Warming. We have record breaking droughts & record breaking flooding going on, we have wild-fires burning out of control, we have food crops dying in our fields, we have ice sheets of tremendous size that are spawning icebergs of tremendous size, the addition of the fresh water from the melting ice sheets may well disrupt the the ‘conveyor belt’ in the ocean that keeps the continent of Europe from having disasterous winters. The ‘frost line’ is moving northward & the thawing of the Tundra is releasing large amounts of methane gas into our environment. How can you say that Global Warming is beneficial / benign?

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Where did I say GW did not exist?
All I asked was does it affect everybody negatively at the same time?
Some people will hate it. Others may see it as a good deal.
Humanity is not likely to disappear. The species is opportunistic. As some people fry, drown and freeze, others will get a chance they never had. And life will go on. So what?
GAs to you all.

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@josie, so some of us care if other people die.

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@nikipedia C’mon. They won’t die. They may be inconvenienced, or lose wealth/property. But the species faces constant challenges and manages to hang on. Half the population of Europe died of plague half a millenium ago and the Europeans are alive and well (althought broke). What are you talking about?

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Did you misunderstand me and think I was saying the entire human species will die out, or do you misunderstand global warming and fail to understand that a large number of individual humans will definitely die because of it?

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Well who are these pathetic select folks who are doomed. Lets identify them and see if we can do something to help them. Except I really do not think you look at it that way. I could be wrong, but you seem to want to complain, and then step back and let somebody else help out and pay for it.
And even then, it is a futile discussion. Because even if you could control natural events, which is not likely, you could start today and have little impact for centuries.
Anyway, nobody asked you to like the question.

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People. Where did I say GW did not exist?

Well yeah, that’s kind of the point here I think. If you believe in it and believe at what it can imply, but don’t care as long as you’re currently fine, that’s what some of us find rather disturbing. :/ I’m also of the mind that the effects of global warming are a tad slight more hazardous than what you’re making them out to be. It’s a gradual process, but one that’s gonna leave the majority of people hurting for a long time, as well as animals and nature. It isn’t something that can be shrugged off.

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Are you even being fucking serious right now?

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@josie It’s questions like these that lead people to believe you are a ‘wingnut’. (Quoting you, not calling you one.)

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Maybe you are less smug about the issue when your Ohio grocery store mostly offers food in the year 2040 you can no longer afford. And I wonder whether you enjoy the hot weather day and night without air conditioning when you’re old and your cardiovascular system is less capable of dealing with heat.

How ignorant to think that climate change just concerns people who live near the ocean.

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I’m with you, @mattbrowne ! Your answer puts the problem we are all up against in dealing with Global Warming into terms that ANYONE can understand.

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@augustlan Your answer is evidence of a principle that exists occasionall out here in the real world, and is pretty universal on Fluther. I infer from your comment that in order to be able to avoid the description wingnut, one must buy into every item on your agenda. It is not enough to have the positions that I listed, all of which are true and sincere. It only matters if I accept an entire package.
It seems by your reckoning, my cynicism about Global Warming (or at least mankind’s role in it, since ambient Earth temperature is always in a fluid state) effectively cancels out the value of any other point of view that I may share with you or others on Fluther.
How does that operational principle help in work place, especially one where team behaviour matters? How does it work at a cookout with family and neighbors? I could be wrong, and it wouldn’t be the first time, but it seems sort of limiting and runs the risk of being stuck on one square forever. On the other hand, that part is none of my business so I will leave it that.

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No, @josie. What I meant is that the wording of some of your questions leads people to believe that you lean heavily right. If you really are as left-leaning as you say, then it seems like you are trying to be controversial, just for the sake of controversy, rather than having a reasoned discussion about the topic.

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The debate about whether global warming is caused by humans will continue. So will global warming. The discussion should not be whether or not it is caused by humans, but what humans can do to mitigate it, or survive it.

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