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I am East Coast illiterate. Help me get to Halifax Nova Scotia?

Asked by Judi (39850points) June 29th, 2012 from iPhone

I am flying from LA. I could fly direct, but it’s over $800. Is there a port that’s cheaper to fly into in the US and ferry over? Traveling in September.

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Check Portsmouth NH or Bangor before you commit. You can then find buses or boats from there.

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I have limited knowledge, but hopefully I can be of some help. I found this link that has some info. Honestly, I would go to the bottom of the page on that link and call the number under contacts and ask them whatever questions you have. Or, call Halifax tourism directly. I don’t think this is the Halifax tourist center site, but I think they can give you info and get you to the right place if the other contact number is not helpful.

There was a CAT ferry that was taken over by this group from what I understand, but I think it does not go to Halifax, you still would have quite a bit of driving if you flew into an American airport. The site isn’t loading well for me. Most people might still use the term CAT ferry, so at least you will know what they are talking about. I had heard about a Boston to Halifax ferry/cruise that would be overnight, but I don’t think it ever happened. The only cruises I see are 4–7 days up the New England seaboard.

Hopefully, a New England jelly will have better information.

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I went there years ago and we drove to Portland, Maine and then took a ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It was an overnight ferry and then there were a number of hours of driving before we were in Halifax. If I were you, I would either eat the cost of the direct flight or look into flights to Boston or Portland, Maine and then a commuter flight to Halifax. I’m not sure how much money that will save you though.

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Looks like I’m going to fly straight in. We are buying our tickets on Tuesday.

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@Judi That makes the most sense.

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My first cousin has a house in Bra D’r and drives every June from Philly to NS. it is brutal due tot the ferry issues. Glad that you are going to treat yourself to the least painful travel arrangements.

(Getting to Portland is the easy part.)

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I think you made the right decisions. The ferries probably aren’t cheap, and you burn up all that time. You might have saved a few hundred, but I doubt it with gas costs if you would have needed to rent a car.

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