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Does your partner thinks your child is his while it isn't his?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 30th, 2008

Topic on Kiss FM, thought it was pretty interesting

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….life as a soap opera, much?

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My husband knows my son is not his, but that’s largely due to the fact that we hadn’t even met at the time that I gave birth to my son.

And, speaking of children, did you know that statistics show that if your parents didn’t have children, chances are that you won’t, either?

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Jerry Springer meets Fluther???

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@deezer if our parents never had kids then none of us would be here…..

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@iCeskate No, say it isn’t so!

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haha @deezer, i read that the first time, and then im like…. wait….OHHHHH

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This is why the Jewish religion passes from the mother to the children. Because you only really know for sure who your mother is.

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I was taught in Judaism that the children are raised the religion of the mother because she has more contact with the children as the main care-giver and nurturer. Women’s freedom to sleep with whom they chose is a more recent thing these few hundred years – whereas Judaism alas for thousands of years was a very strict and unrelenting construct. Women knew exactly who the father was – their lives depended on it.

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Uh, yeah…learn to type.

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leb: I’m not sure you’re particularly in a position to be critical.

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@delirium – and why is that?

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this question made me feel the need to share a story:
ive known a girl for quite some time now, and she has always been known to be “very sexually active.”
Eventually it caught up with her. She got pregnant. She had a bf at the time, but was fooling around with other guys.
The father of the child is not certain, but her bf has no idea she cheated, and that the baby may not be his.
She is still with him, and continues to cheat on him, even after he bought her a house to live in and a car.
How can people be like this?

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Honesty, I wouldn’t know but I know somebody very similar, it’s digusting to me..

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I can relate…. I get angry when I am in her presence and when her and her partnerare around I just feel the need to blurt out everything she’s done that I know about just so he’ll know. (You know what I mean, like a little kid who just got in trouble and decides the best plan of action is to rat on his friend for everything hes ever done bad while pointing a finger and yelling. haha)

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don’t do it @lacerbabe99!! they’ll only kill the messenger, and he won’t believe you anyway.

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oh i know that…. i never ever would say anything.. its not my place. but i am sooo tempted sometimes.

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