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Did you ever have sex with your boss?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 30th, 2008
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I kind of think of my wife as the boss.

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My bosses have all been men and I’m a straight male. So, no, there hasn’t even been the remote opportunity. But even if there was the opportunity- sleeping with a boss sounds pretty trashy to me.

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sadly no. I’m not above benefiting from sleeping with the boss, if I was truly attracted to him, respected him, & we were both available. Unfortunately, this has never been the situation with any of my bosses. Bad timing I guess.

On the other hand, now that I’m self-employed when I masturbate, I’m technically having sex with the boss. So then the answer is yes. {{giggles}}

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No, other senior executives, but never my direct boss. Likely to end way too badly!

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No, but I fked one over once.

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I haven’t but I have people that worked for me that I had sex with…

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Well… I work for myself, so sadly, all too often.

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No, but I have slept with other peoples’ bosses.

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No, neither with a boss or subordinate, because I knew it could only lead to trouble. Besides, I always felt that fairness and consistency in the treatment of personnel were critical aspects of a good boss. If I had sex with one of my employees, how could I ever expect to get any real work done!

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Yeah just this one time. She was looking good and we were both in the basement of the restaurants. Then….

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No not really.

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I have. She was a new co-worker at the time, and wound up being my boss. We dated for a while and when it ended, it got nasty for a few months. Nowadays, it’s much better between us.

Moral of my story: Office relationships: Bad; Office sex: Awesome.

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I don’t know if this qualifies as sex, but I did let a boss put her hand up my skirt on a number of occasions and I reciprocated exactly once. My first real encounter with the power of sex and sexuality.

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Flirted, yes. Sex, never. Would’ve been too awkward.

And it would be against company policy for my husband and I to be in direct line of reporting of each other, so…not gonna happen.

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Have you seen my boss? Seriously. Not gonna happen.

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My boss is a guy and he looks like what would happen if a hillbilly and a sasquach had a child!

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I never had sex with a boss, but several of them have screwed me!

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nope. I did with my sisters boss though.

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well, yes I did. My girlfriend is my boss and we get It on everytime we see each other.

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I did once and we were in a relationship for five years and it was good until she cheated.

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no never crossed my mind

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lol, my current gf started out as one of my employees… we had known each other for a few years before she came into my employ, then we went to a rave together, and we’ve been knockin boots ever since

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My boss lives in a different time zone so very unlikely. :-)

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Yup, hes 40+, I’m early 20’s and an Executive Director of one of his many companies. Only been there a short time and after a few business dinners, amazing conversations, chemistry, one weekend he flew in, we drank way too much wine, I ended up making out with another girl who I think he was kissing too, then we (minus other girl) had completely hott sex, he passed out, I snuck out before anyone would see me still there ( it was light out)....saw him the next day when I made it to work (still tipsy), acted as composed as possible, we chatted he invited me on a trip with him sometime as he enjoyed my company.. ha..than I worked my tail off all weekend well he lounged by the pool with his very attractive ex girlfriend and her friends who came for the weekend, and never heard from him again all weekend. Even in regards to business matters, was completely ignored. All in all I feel like complete trash, discredited my professional image, was out of control, although I have to admit I knew something was gonna happen and I didn’t stop it. Not the best thing to do, not fore-seeing a fairytale ending here, am hoping I still have my job in the next month. Actually had a nightmare last night, 2 days later, feel even worse. Don’t sleep with the Owner. At least I know it wasn’t to better my position, just two hot adults drunk and attracted to each other I guess. But wrong choice. So Wrong…..

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Read Lebella’s answer a couple of times if you’re considering this! I could’ve written that a couple of years ago. I let my brains go south and thought that we would also have a fairy tale ending – it didn’t happen and I ended up leaving the company about 3 months later when I finally wised up and realized that my career path had been shredded. If you have the kind of chemistry that she described with a boss and spend lots of intense working time, maybe travel time together etc – it’s hard to resist the pull but I have seldom seen it work out for anyone other than Bill and Melinda Gates.

If you do it – be ultra discreet and resist the urge to confide in ANYONE. Keep your work-related performance high and steady. Try to keep work discussions to a minimum. Finally, make sure you both have an equal amount to lose and keep your expectations aligned and realistic.

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Well, I used to work for Bruce Springsteen and we did it once. Do I get double credit for that?

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Depends on how long ago…

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Oh yeah, I see what you mean. Back when he was hot, definitely.

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He’s not still hot??? I just saw a pic of him in People and he looked pretty good

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I gave my boss a blow job at work. I got moved out of the mail room just as he promised after sucking his old fat ass off. It was the best investment of 15 minutes I’ve ever done.

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I’m currently fucking my new supervisor and should be getting moved to the MBE lab. I’ve been sucking and fucking ever since I got here. I get the feeling word is around about my willingness/desire to move up. I’ve been propositioned 3 times this week. I accepted my boss’s boss advancement in the hopes to move up to HQ. I know what he wants when he says company for the evening. I really don’t mind though. If sucking/fucking your boss gets you ahead, do it.

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@sabrina1: I really hope those two responses were meant to be humorous. Although, sadly, they didn’t quite have the desired effect.

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Ah nice to know self respect is alive and well with Sabrina there eh.

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I follow the motto: “Don’t get your honey where you get your money”.

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no, how gross,even if he was hot….

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I like mrjadkins’ saying – although, it doesn’t hurt if your boss is a nice bit of eye-candy!

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I’ve slept with 16 guys and I still make 33K/year. All those facial shots and anal invasions I endured…..........for nothing.

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Yeah….she was my girlfriend before becoming boss and I married her too :-)

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There’s something to be said for the tease, Sabrina.

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yes. many times. One or two times per week at lunchtime in a hotel in Old Montreal. Also we use to have a hot time when I close the door of my office.

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The only problem I have is that he likes to cum on my face (i love it) at my office so I have a hard time keeping appearances after

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Word to the wise, don’t poop where you eat

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