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Is Herman Cain serious about Cain TV?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) July 3rd, 2012

Rachel Maddow noticed while Cain was still in the hunt for the Presidential Nomination how piece by piece, his whole platform and his talking points were one-by-one lifted from current pop culture. She theorized he was actually doing a performance art project, and having a grand laugh at the GOP for swallowing it.

Cain’s new Cain TV Project makes me wonder if Ms. Maddow wasn’t exactly right. Is this all just a tremendous send-up of GOP vulnerability to certain push-button topics that send them into a seething rage? Is Herman Cain serious?

Here’s a link to his Web Site announcing the Cain TV Project.

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I can’t figure him out. Is he just milking the joke of himself for the fame, or is he kind of clueless? Was he ever serious?

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What is that, @ETpro, an Internet program he’s going to launch?

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@syz I’m sure he’s milking the fame.

@bkcunningham Thanks for asking. Since the edit window hadn’t expired, I added a link to Cain’s own website. I just haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

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I bet he makes some money. Like Glenn Beck, love him or hate him, I imagine he is making a pretty good living with his subscription Inter-network.

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My satellite doesn’t get channel 999.

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@bkcunningham I don’t for a moment doubt that.

@filmfann Lucky you. 9—9—9 was the default tax plan for Sim City, but the joke doesn’t end there. If you leave the city with that default and try to build it up, it invariably goes bankrupt. The default is deliberately unworkable.

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Is he serious? Why not? Wouldn’t you take an opportunity to make some good money?

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@jonsblond Most definitely.

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So long as he’s Able, I guess so.

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He also is willing to go on the Daily Show and play pretend President in ridiculous scenarios involving alien invasions and the accidental killing of Nicholas Cage.
A true conundrum.

@ucme that was not funny.

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@ragingloli That was not pertinent, or of any interest.
@bkcunningham Yes I have two of those.

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Cain and Abel?

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Yeah I got your reference, just pulling your chain…in the nicest possible way you understand.

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Jolly good one mate. ~

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Spiffing good show old bean (squiggly little line)

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I like to use it whenever possible. It took me forever to find the silly little thing. Good chap.

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@ucme I already asked if he was Able here

@ragingloli Funny. I thought the pun was funny when I originally used it. :-)

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@ETpro See, I wasn’t even intending it to be funny, just playing with words, like a cryptic crossword puzzle if you like.
Still, kept the germanic whinger busy.

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