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Can you offer some cheerful advice?

Asked by sjmc1989 (5489points) October 27th, 2009

Ok I have had probably the worst couple of months of my life. The past week I cannot stop crying. So I would love it if you can link me some videos or even advice that always cheer you up during rough times in you life. I know this question gets asked a lot but I’ve looked at all the videos I could find on other threads. It can be music, cute doggies and kitties, advice, jokes, shows ect.

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This Fatboy Slim Video always makes me smile. Hope it helps!

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Mostly advice and stuff. But it might help.

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I don’t know how related it is, but here is Ira Glass giving some really hopeful advice about starting new things, and how long it takes to get good ad them, and why such things are frustrating, but how to move past that.

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(((((BEAR HUG)))))

imagine your shoes falling to the ground as I dangle you off the floor

I hope it gets better for you soon.

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You’re never truly alone and there is beauty all around us.

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This is also really good if you like kitties

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@all Oh goodness you all just made me start crying even more :( but for different reasons Thank you for all your responses so far! You don’t know how much it means to me so sweet :) Keep it coming all of it is helping.

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Just remember: however bad it is now, it will soon pass.
Also: airhug!

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Allow yourself to cry chica. It is so good for you. The brain releases endorphins when you cry (our happy-makers). I am so sorry things have been rough for you. I hope you are able to get rest and are able to eat some good food.

I love this quote: “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”.

Two websites that always make me laugh. One is real stories the other is pranks.

1. Emails from an A*sHole

2. Not Always Right


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also, must I break out the treadmill again

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What I use to get through “interesting times” is this:

“You can laugh or you can cry, but if you cry your nose hurts.”

It sounds facetious, but it really does help.

The other thing is to deliberately find one good thing each day. If need be, write it down in a journal so on that one day that you can’t find something good, you can read about all the nice things you have found on other days.

And then there are antidepressants. My life has been much lighter a burden once I discovered Zoloft and Xanax.

I hope things get better for you soon. You can always vent about things here.

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I’m glad this question was asked. I kind of needed this, too. Thanks, @sjmc1989.

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I’m with @RedPowerLady in saying it’s good to let yourself cry if you can, it’s a natural release. One of my favorite distractions and pick me ups is just about any Monty Python movie. Right now I’m fluthering, kinda crying and laughing at “Life of Brian” all at the same time- it’s helping.

Try, hour by hour keep trying to get yourself through and it will happen, always seems to work for me.

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1. big virtual bear hug

2. michael jackson dancing always makes me gawk/smile. i understand some peopl don’t like him but if you DO, watch this

this should help as well. i crack up so hard watching it.

really cute baby polar bear

LOL and if you don’t watch any of the above ones I listed at LEAST watch this one . soo damn cute.

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@Allie Your very welcome! I hope all this is helping you out as much as it is for me!

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Kitty goes on an adventure! Yay!

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Our puppy is kinda cute.

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Check out My Milk Toof. It always cheers me up. Start from the beginning- it’s worth the read.

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@johnpowell Lurve Sooo cute! What kind of puppy is it?

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Enjoy…hope it helps or at least makes you smile :)

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@sjmc1989 :: I’m not sure. I have actually been tempted to ask here a few times. That video is about four months old and she hasn’t gotten much larger.

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@johnpowell I thought it was a caviler king charles puppy when I saw it. Does it have semi long hair though or is it really short?

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@gemiwing – It’s an adorable site! I totally concur.

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Oh- I need this question too. The last two months have been a real wild ride.

You are not alone. :) The lifeboat has Allie and I in it!

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i guess tv shows can help. as long as you watch the right ones.

try this one “How I met your mother” it´s very funny and most times you´l just have a laugh watching it. but most surprisingly it shows you incites to every day aspects and things that you never took the time to least i promise that it will make happier.

hope it helps*

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Ps. I think the puppy is a springer spaniel.

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When it rains it pours, but there is always a rainbow ahead. My dad always told me that when I was little.
He also put a rainbow patch on my teddy bear to make me feel better. So now when I look at it, it reminds me of what he always told me.

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That really looks like a Springer Spaniel.
Great dogs those!

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Smart, too. (Although I am biased by the fact that I have one…)

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I’ve known 6 Springers so far. They’ve all been great dogs. They’re really good at keeping the scavenger birds away from our campsite.

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I recommend a book called Happiness Now by Robert Holden, PhD.

I’ve pretty much had a rough past 10 years until I read this book. Basically it says you can choose to be happy now despite anything you’ve been conditioned to believe… and good things will happen once you do. If you “search” for happiness anywhere else other than within you, you’ll never find it. If you want something to happen to make you happy, it never will. Once you just really believe that no matter what, happiness is always within you, THEN good things will happen.

I’m proof that it’s true!

My little blurb probably isn’t too convincing but the book is. It’s changed my life in a huge way… the way I feel now is something I never thought I’d feel.

If you do read this book, let me know how it works out for you!

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P.S. I realize the title of the book sounds kind of gimmicky, which made me a skeptic at first, but it’s really the best summary of the book.

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This always makes me laugh.

@aphilotus : Thanks for posting the Ira Glass. I find things like that to be a huge help. Cheers!

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@cyndyh That is hysterical. I will have to read the entire site.

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@sjmc1989 I think you are right, it looks like a Cavalier to me. I’m definately not seeing any Springer in that pup.

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@cyndyh Wow! I have just spent TOO long reading that and I still haven’t finished. Good job it’s a slow day here at work!!!

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@sjmc1989 – Great question, I needed it to.

C’mon people who appreciated it, show it the love up there. As of my post, I added mine and it was one. That might cheer here up when she gets a little icon thingy.

And thanks everyone for those ideas!

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@curiouscat awsome.. made me smile!!!
Loving this question!! I think I’ll have to book mark it so when I am feeling low I can come to it for smiles!!
Absolutely love this!!!

((hugs)) Feel better soon xxx

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I found this through You guys will laugh and break out into such a huge smile when you see it. Trust me on this.

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@Saturated_Brain What is up with the guy who is griping in pain and really looks like he is hurting but he is letting it happen anyway?

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@RedPowerLady Hmm… Maybe he’s into pain.. After all, he was letting the little beastie slap him silly. =P

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@augustlan and @Leanne1986 : Sometimes you think Margret’s crazy. Then you think she’s funny. Then you think you could be her friend. It’s not a dull life. That’s for sure. :^>

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@cyndyh The worrying this is…my boyfriend will probably relate to Margret’s partner at times!!!

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@Leanne1986 : Yeah, that’s the danger. Don’t share that site with your fella. :^>

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@all Thanks again to all that took the time to respond and find things that would brighten my day. I Love this thread and it is bookmarked in case of emergencies. If you find more cute, inspiring, and funny links feel free to continue to post. I’m sure I will be needing the laughter again soon.

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Here’s another cute one for you.

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I’ll cry for you. You go play

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@SeventhSense Such a good fluther friend :)

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maybe a little codependent of me :)

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@sjmc1989, look at this adorable face!

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@sjmc1989 – I saw these yesterday and I thought that they would be just the things for your thread! You’ll be too busy laughing after a few minutes.

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@augustlan I almost expect one of those adorable little guys to speak! They are so cute!

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