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What could it possibly mean when your eyelids are involuntarily twitching?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) July 4th, 2012

Happy 4th of July! : )

Now to the most relevant question of the day. Lol.
I know this condition is something for a doctor to eventually diagnose. But I’m curious about whether anyone here had the same experience. Involuntary eyelid twitching. On and off. In my left eye. Could it be because of too much staring at the computer for hours? What could be the worst case scenario here? Thanks!

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R.E.M, maybe it’s a sign you’re losing your religion….only maybe though.

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The worst case scenario? Alien spiders have laid eggs inside your ear canal while you were sleeping, and they have hatched and are now feeding on your brain.
What is the actual problem? Who knows?
My wife had a problem like this when they activated her cochlear implant. Her brain didn’t know what to do with the sound signals it was getting for the first time, so it began vibrating her eyes.
How often does it happen?
The next time it does, have a beer, and see if it effects it.

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I actually had that for a few weeks earlier this year, but now it’s gone. I’m guessing it was either stress or lack of sleep. It’ll go away eventually.
Could it be because of too much staring at the computer for hours?

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I get that when I am tired!

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Too much caffeine.

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Usually fatigue; it’s the muscles in the lids that twitch. I find that I can get rid of it if I stop, relax and focus only on the breath. In, out, in, out…and the twitch disappears.

Rarely, the eyeball itself twitches: Nystagmus

When I developed a sudden and severe vertigo, I had some nystagmus. Once I was able to rid myself of the vertigo, the nystagmus disappeared.

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Stress and fatigue yes. Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

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If you find out for sure, let me know. My left eye does that sometimes, but it’s the bottom lid and part of my cheek. It drives me inSANE!
Happy Independence Day everyone!

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You are about to see something you’d rather not!

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That is so weird. I was going to ask this question last week when I got my eye twitch, but didn’t because it had been asked before. I read the answer and decided not to ask again!

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@Coloma Yes. As I have indicated in other boards, an aunt, who was my second mom for me, succumbed to cancer after a hard and bitter fight at the age of 60. I still couldn’t picture her lying in that coffin. There were still so many things I have envisioned doing with her. Enjoying her cooking etc. For years and years, she woke me up every morning for school, prepared my breakfast, school uniforms, finish my school projects ( lol ), give chase to force me to drink cough medicine, taught me how to spell the word, goat!

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I’m sorry for your loss, @mazingerz88. :(

Stress can definitely cause a twitch. If it doesn’t go away as the stress decreases, think about any medications you are taking. I once took a medication that, unbeknownst to me, had a risk of causing glaucoma. The twitch was the first sign that I was on my way to it, followed by pressure behind the eye. It took months to figure it out, and stop the medicine. I’m happy to say, I didn’t end up with glaucoma, but it was a close thing for a while there.

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