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What should I do if I swallowed a cherry pit--by accident?

Asked by food (792points) June 2nd, 2012

I´m not sure if I swallowed a cherry pit. However, I was contentedly chewing on a dessert, and when I reached the next cherry I remembered that I hadn´t found a pit in the previous one…. ALL of the other cherries I have eaten had pits!! Help…

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Oh my god you are going to start growing cherries in your stomach!!! Tons of them! Then you will have no space for food and not be able to eat and DIE!

Joking…you’ll poop it out in a day or 2 – no biggie

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Yeah, you’ll be fine. It should pass. Keep an, er, eye out for it if you’re particularly worried.

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You should be fine; it’s a cherry pit, not a mango pit :-p

However, watch out for this…

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Please. I swallow cherry pits all the time. I don’t spit them out. I just swallow them, many of them if I eat many cherries. No biggie.

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Don’t worry.

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You should be fine, but, just for shock value…I JUST saw a picture today of a guy that inhaled a Spruce tree seed and it grew a 5 inch Spruce tree in his lung. True! They had to remove part of his lung. Gah!

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@Coloma I don’t believe it. Every time I swallowed a pit my mom would say now a tree will grow in my stomach, of course it wasn’t true. Somach is different than lung of course, but I still don’t believe it. When the tree was one each big it would have caused constant coughing, he would have been xrayed.

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@JLeslie I can’t remember where I saw this, but it was in a medical site and they had a photo explaining that the seed didn’t require light to germinate and the guy was complaining of chest pain and was coughing up bloody sputum, and when they x-rayed his chest there was this 5 inch tree sprout in the lung.

Swallowing would have the object eliminated quickly but apparently being stuck in the moist darkness of the lung lobe caused it to sprout. I dunno….it seemed legit.

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Tree in lung a hoax.

Don’t worry about the cherry pit. It won’t hurt you.

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@augustlan Okay, good. It did seem rather strange, but…I can be gullible. lol

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Nothing, you’ll poop it out.

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In my lifetime, I’ve also swallowed watermelon seeds and plum pits (watermelon seeds on purpose, plum pits by accident), and I’m still alive.

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Minimize your dirt intake and don’t swallow any sunlight. ;-)

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The pit will get stuck on all the gum you swallowed as a kid, but once the first branch grows into the back of your throat you can reach it with needlenose pliers and pull the whole thing out. The branch will reach your throat long before the roots reach the other end, it’s much shorter.

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You will see it again in a day or two.

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“I swallow cherry pits all the time. I just swallow them, many of them if I eat many cherries. In my lifetime, I’ve also swallowed watermelon seeds and plum pits (watermelon seeds on purpose, plum pits by accident)....”

And I thought I had a high fiber diet! ;-) Props to your seed & pit consumption.

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@Brian1946: My motto is “It all comes out in the end.”

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Thanks! Hilarious answers. I watched the surreal Japanese film, too (Didn´t think of cherry blossoms in this context…!)
So far, I haven´t felt anything strange…

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Hoho, Brian I´ll try to follow your advice. @WillWorkForChocolate: nice pic
@coloma: I´m sure glad that was a hoax, talk about not looking forward to high allergen days…

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@food: Good to hear you haven’t sprouted yet :-p And I’m so glad you watched Mt. Head. That is one of the trippiest things I have ever seen and I love sharing it with people :)

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Still, nothing yet… I guess I survived…

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@food: It was out of your body within about two days, trust me, as an eater of seeds and pits!

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@jca: What’s the biggest pit you have ever eaten? O_o

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@bookish1: Plum pit. That’s been a bunch of times, by accident. I suck it and it goes down smoothly because it’s covered in that plum stuff. I think peach pit would get stuck. So plum pits, a bunch of times, and I’ve lived to tell the tale. Next smallest is cherry pits and watermelon pits. Too much trouble to spit them out. They go down smooth, come right out, I’m sure!

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I’m still alive…:) And I still remember the Japanese video, too!

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It will likely pass through your system with no problem. (I know am late here)

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SRSLY, they are round so they won’t poke holes, and the hull is impervious to digestion, and they don’t sprout because they are only in you for two days, so nothing happens.

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And they’re covered with slime (cherry slime) so they slide right through the pipe.

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