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What would you get up to if you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day?

Asked by thebluewaffle (1002points) July 4th, 2012

I apologise if this has been asked before.

But a recent work conversation got started on this topic and got me thinking. What would you seriously do if you could spend a day as a member of the opposite sex?

I said I’d get it on with my girlfriend (who would be in a guy’s body) so we could have some role reversal stuff going on!

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I’d fuck everyone, 10 cents a go.

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Gangbang and Bukkake.

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@ragingloli What? You’d be the one to receive the bukkake? Mega!

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I would do a lot of things that required strength—lifting things with ease, etc.

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Definitely would not call my Mother.

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Pray to be my own gender again. WHY! WHY! I WAS FINE BEFORE! NOW I SMELL LIKE GYM SOCKS!!!!

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Since I am not into other men’s cocks, I would be a lesbian. I’d want a woman to get me off so I know exactly what a woman feels like when they orgasm.

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I don’t know what this question means.

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I would get it on with my significant other. She’s the only one I’d want to fuck me if I were a woman.

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@bookish1 That’s fine, I’m just glad you know how to use a computer

@wundayatta That’s what I was trying to explain to the lads at work, I’m not too keen on being penetrated anyway, let alone trawling about, stuffing myself with anonymous cock.

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There is no telling what I would do!

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I’d have some sex, masturbate, pee standing up, and run. I know the run sounds a little weird, but it’s got to be weird to have all that stuff swinging around down there when you run.

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@thebluewaffle I guess it hadn’t quite sunk in that they would be the ones being fucked instead of the other way around. All they can think about is how easy it is for a woman to get a man. Penetrator or penetratee makes a big difference. I would not want anyone inside me unless I had complete trust and love for them. Even then, it would take some convincing, probably. But if it felt good, that could be the convincement I need!

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I’d play with my lovely tits all day long & most of the night.

thebluewaffle's avatar

@Ponderer983 I would love to pee sitting down. It just seems much more relaxing.

There’s nothing like a sit-down-wee!

@wundayatta The thought of someone inside me is actually pretty fucking disgusting if I think about it properly. God damn it that person would have to be special… Or have a fantastic cock.

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@thebluewaffle You can pee sitting down if you choose, it’s just more conventional to stand for guys. I have to admit, it is relaxing. When I go first thing in the morning and I’m still half asleep, it’s nice to rest there for a few lol.

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@zenvelo Are you sure it would stay the same? I always assumed that if the mind was in a body with all the different hormones and things that you would probably by default be in to other stuff.

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@poisonedantidote I can vouch for the fact that a change of hormones does not change your sexual orientation.

@bookish1 I always find questions like this difficult too. Opposite to what? My mind? My body? Both? I guess if I was to truly be the opposite sex I’d be a trans-woman, with a male body, and still no happier. Now if I could keep my mind as-is, and just have a fully male body, that would be perfect.

And bugger this 24-hours rule, I wouldn’t give it back.

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@thebluewaffle The whole idea of having someone in me was pretty disgusting in my mind, too. It gave me some big problems because I had a hard time imagining how a woman could want someone inside her. It took a lot of convincing by a number of women telling me the same story before I finally came to believe they truly did like having a cock inside.

So I can imagine it now, but it’s hard to imagine it for myself. That’s why I can only think of it with someone I completely and totally love and trust. Someone who is so close to me that it’s as if we are the same person. That’s what it would take for me.

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I’d dearly love to feel what a female orgasm is like. But truth be told, at 68 years of age, the sudden change in gender probably would not open any doors to doing that in just one day. Make me an offer at trying it and knocking 40 years off in the bargain and I’d take the offer even if there was no return. Hell, particularly if there was no return. :-)

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-I’d go on a date with this awesome cute straight girl I know.
-Take funny penis pictures, like put sunglasses over it so it looks like a face, or put a donut around it or something.
-Pee standing up. The world is my urinal now.
-Do the same work, but earn 25% more. Zing!

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@Haleth What’s not to love about that!

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@Haleth ‘Take funny penis pictures, like put sunglasses over it so it looks like a face’

Of all my years with my penis, why the hell have I never thought of that!

Thank you so much!

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@thebluewaffle We all know what you’re doing this weekend!

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-Get pulled over and try and get out of it
-Have someone punch me in the boob
-Attempt to have multiple orgasms
-Try to shoot ping pong balls out of vagina

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I’d love to experience being a female and experiment with masturbation, multiple-orgasms, finding out how it feels when a man slips his erection up inside me for sex. Enjoy having my pussy ‘eaten’ & oral sex on a man’s erection. LESBIAN SEX, all night long.

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