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Why is a blowhard like Howard 'screamer' Dean the DNC Chairman?

Asked by khelms01 (148points) May 31st, 2008 from iPhone

Does anyone acually take this guy seriously?

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Is that all he ever did in his career, just scream at a campaign rally and embarass himself? Or is that all you know about him?

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That one incident was so “blown” out of proportion! He is an effective fundraiser, which is the party chairman’s main role, and he keeps a tight leash on all the disparate groups in the tent so they stay focused on the goal of uniting around a candidate to win elections.

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He turns out to be a surprisingly effective fundraiser, and is doing a great job helping align various interest groups with the Democratic party. Why, who would you have proposed?

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What made Dean such a novelty was his ability to stir up support at a grassroots level, that and his use of the new internet technology. He looked like he understood where the future of campaigning was headed.

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Who takes you seriously?

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