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How often and in what ways do you participate in or interact with online or print news and media content?

Asked by Bellatrix (21249points) July 7th, 2012

How often do you write comments on news stories and op-ed pieces or click the Like/Dislike button (if available) or do you just read and move on?

Do you ever write ‘Letters to the Editor’ to print publications?

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Yes, yes and yes. But sometimes more than others.

In a way, those who ask and answer here are contributing to the “news” of this community…

But I studied journalism and I love to write…


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I will very rarely write a comment, I generally feel that by the time there are fifty other comments mine probably adds nothing new. I read most of my news on the New York Times app, and it isn’t the most interactive. What I do like is they keep track of which articles I read and suggest others I might like, which is appreciated, as I am largely disinterested in certain sections (U.S. Politics and Business, mostly) and massively interested in others (Science, Technology, Opinions, World).

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I like reading comments online and would add my 10 cents worth if it wasn’t for the hassle of having to register and log in. I have only written to a newspaper once and to my surprise and delight they published it in the letters column.

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I have a very long history of writing Letters to the Editors about news stories & they are frequently published. On the internet I frequently post my opinions about politics, business, environmental pollution, etc. I try to make my voice heard.

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Very rarely, although I did recently write a comment to our local architecture critic. But then, I attended a lecture by her once, so I’ve seen her in person.

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Thank you everyone. I appreciate your answers. I think it is sad that the demise of the quality newspaper will also see the loss of quality Letters to the Editor.

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It depends very much on the moderation levels.
CNN comment sections are a hopeless pissing contest. I won’t post there.
(CNN editorial slant is getting pathetic too, even the headlines show substantial political bias.)
The BBC either seems to keep things on a civilized constructive tack, or it’s just that their audience doesn’t waste time with stupid arguments. I’ll post a comment there once in a while.

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