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How many animals do you have in your household and what kind are they?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (29798points) July 10th, 2012

We got three dogs; two puppies 8 months old, the male is 73 pounds and the female is 65 pounds. Also have an older dog that is 14 years old and 64 pounds. All are rescue dogs from shelters. They all have black Labrador Retriever in them.

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There are 3 cats and a lizard here…

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I have a parrot who is an evil little bastard that can’t be trusted for a second, and I have a cowardly pitbull mixed with an Argentinian dogo who is scared of plastic bags and just wants to be everyones friend.

When me and my brother found him he was a puppy that had been abandoned in the trash, someone had put him in a plastic bag and thrown him in there, so that explains why he is scared of them. You could not even fit his head in a plastic bag anymore, but if he hears one he still goes running.

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A greyhound with a high prey drive which is why we no longer have cats and a bird dog who is the apple of my eye, Mackie.

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MIlo here; Just Gail, but being well-trained, she does the work of three ordinary humans.

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There is two cats here, my wife, my kids, myself and some unknown number of other animals I rather not think of… (Although I like the geckos)

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3 Dogs

4 Cats (plus one outdoor we’ve been trying toconvince for 2 years to join our home)

1 Guinea Pig

1 Tortoise

4 Budgies (Parakeets)

1 Spatzie (English Sparrow…now a fledgling after weeks of care. We plan to keep)

1 Wild Rabbit (He’ll be released in the next few weeks…he was tiny & under a friends car when found)

^^^^That’s all for today, but it changes almost hourly in summer ;)

We also feed/care for wild birds and ducks. Due to the drought the creek near us dried up, so there aren’t many ducks around now.

PS: All animals are rescues (or were found/brought to us) except for the piggy and the dogs.

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In my flat, I have a dog (Jack Russell Terrier) called Bella and a tortoise called Agnes. I also have another dog (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) called Zara who lives with my dad.

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2 cats, ” Mia & Myles” a torti point siamese and a black and white bi-color ragdoll.
2 white chinese geese ” Marwyn & Sonora.” My Marwyn turned 14 yesterday!
Yep, July 9, 1998 my tiny little lemon yellow bowling pin with orange flappy feet hatched into my life.

I also have lots of outdoor nature pets, tree frogs, wild turkeys and a mama deer with twin fawns coming every day. Infact, right now I am trying to find the fat little froglet that hopped in the house last night. If I don’t find them within about 48 hours they die and dehydrate somewhere under the furniture. lol

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0 poor me

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None here either, I live in a no pets apartment.

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At my mom’s house we have two cats. One is named Mouse and she’s about 10 months old, and the other is named Chance and she’s several years old (I’m not exactly sure of her age).

At my dad’s house, the only animal in the house is my guinea pig, Fritz, who is very cute but tends to smell terrible. I have no idea how old he is.

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One short-haired, black and white cat whose name is Bob, but who is largely referred to as “The Bobcat” (the big time rabblerouser); and

One short-haired (kinda), orange and white cat who is the spitting image of Morris The Cat, who is called Arnie, or “Arnie-Barnie” (the peacemaker).

Neither one has any kind of Pedigree, other than the “Lurve” Pedigree I bestowed on both of them when I adopted them.

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Another “none” answer here. It’s the one area that the SO draws the line. After years of owning pets, I’m okay with this. I can always visit the neighbors and relatives, or join a animal shelter group if I need a pet fix.

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@zenvelo Well ya know, you COULD get a goose, put up a little wading pool on your balcony and buy “duck diapers.” lol

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I have 2 dogs, male and female. The female will be having puppies very soon!! I also have a parrot, he’s my little sweet heart (for now anyway), he is approx. 2 months old!

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1 little old brown dog (aged almost 15)
1 dingo x cattle dog (aged almost 5) and @marinelife I know what you mean about prey drive and no more cats! We can only let the bird out when the dog is muzzled!

and last but not least 1 cockatiel!

@Pied_Pfeffer – I personally don’t think I could ever live with someone who denied me the pleasure of having a dog in the house. You must really love this person a LOT!!!

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5yrs old pitbull- pound puppy
7yrs old Mini Chihuahua-Pincher- pound rescue
10yrs old Pomeranian- private rescue
17yrs old cat- private rescue

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6 animals:

3 indoor cats
1 dog (border collie/boxer mix)
1 Meyer’s Parrot
1 twelve-year-old girl

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One mixed breed 3 month old puppy – very tiny guy.

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Four legacy cats that need to go back to our son one of these days. I would like to keep one.
A red mutt dog I snatched from a dog catcher and just kept. Thought I was going to re-home him. one of the most polite dogs I have seen.
A Pyrenees/Lab hybrid I actually paid money for. Very smart…too smart, adores sardines.
Two Oscars who like to bury golf balls

And somewhere out there our semi feral cat who walked off into the night a couple months ago yet to return. No idea what happened to him. He had a great life with us and knows where we live if he can get back here. Haven’t written him off yet.

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I have 2 cats for one more night…tomorrow my dear Chloe has to be put down. :( She is survived by her brother, who will probably be very upset and confused.

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Ahhhh sorry to hear it @Mariah but when it is time, you are a good cat owner to have the chore done. I always say adopt a new one asap, it doesn’t replace the old one but it gives you something to dote on while your heart heals. And also might help the brother as well.

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Two cats, brother and sister, from a rescue. I was going to get just one cat, but I couldn’t separate the two…

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