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What is a great job/career that involves some physical activity?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 10th, 2012

I sit at a desk most day as a technology business manager. I’m thinking of making a radical change and switching to a job/career that involves some physical movement during the day. I’m not looking to become a house framer/carpenter although some sort of trade would be cool. I need a bit of creativity in my job and some interaction with humans would be nice. I need to make a decent living as I still have a family and kids to support partially since my wife works too. I’m looking for creative ideas!

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Park ranger, fire fighter, personal trainer, ...

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Raising kids.

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could you do research or design development for the business you are already in even keeping your current job and trying it out as a hobby or internship

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I’d love to work for myself, work from home, or work from my own shop. I like working with my hands, mechanical things, don’t mind going into people’s homes to work. I like working with the disabled and elderly and kids.

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UPS delivery guys all look extremely fit in my locale.

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ROFLMFAO @SpatzieLover you beat me to it!!!

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Landscaping, if you like being outdoors. If you get into the design end, you can be very creative with it, too.

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I was going to say postal worker, same as UPS. Meter reader.

Jehovah’s Witness??

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US Coast Guard.

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