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Do you like this music?

Asked by flutherother (27318points) July 10th, 2012

I can’t tell yet if I like it or not but it fascinates me and I want to keep hearing it. What does this music evoke for you?

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I got bored 30secs in, the musical equivalent of watching paint dry, for me anyway.

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It’s pretty slow with a lot of blank space but it holds my attention somehow.

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Yeah, I kept clicking through hoping for, well, something & that something never came.
Bit like an english summer.

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It’s too sporadic for me. I don’t mind the slowness, but the intervals of silence or the spacing of it throws me off. Might be okay in certain circumstances, but not for general everyday listening. Maybe background music at a big gathering?

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No, I don’t like it.. It’s too slow and doesn’t have any kind of actual tune. It sounded like someone just hitting random chords at random intervals.

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Yes, though I like it as something interesting to consider rather than to complement my evening. The chord movements are beautiful. It’s rather like overhearing someone composing, who is writing the notes of the chords down as they work them out.

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It sounds like background movie music for a somber scene. In that setting, it is probably perfect.

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I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but there is a soft “crunching” between the tones that I liked, kind of like hearing soft rain behind other everyday sounds. I’d like this for going to sleep or during a massage.

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Yes, I like it. I’ve long enjoyed minimalist music.

@augustlan It’s not supposed to be for everyday listening. Art music is something to actively engage with and understand rather than passively listen to and absorb. That’s one of the qualities that distinguishes it from (most) popular music.

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Not terrible, just nothing particularly interesting, in my opinion. But I’d much rather listen to this than something like Penderecki’s Threnody. This piece is certainly “pleasant” in some regard and I can appreciate that.

Stravinsky is about as avant garde as I get.

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I don’t regard it as “music” per se but more as an acoustical experiment in the study of chordal decay. I found it tedious to listen to.

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@Pied_Pfeffer The composer has written music for films: Gattica, The End of the Affair and The Piano amongst others.

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@flutherother Thanks for that. The SO is teaching me about music, and this was one of the lessons in the past month.

Michael Nyman (British) is known for his minimal music, although he does not limit his art to this genre. Minimal music is also affiliated with American composers Steve Reich (composer of the emotional Different Trains) and the more well-known Philip Glass.

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