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What's the best part of a vacation for you?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) July 11th, 2012

Is it having someone come ask you what you’d like to eat, making it, bringing it to you, and then cleaning up after you? And then offering you dessert? Or is it the house cleaning people coming in and cleaning up your room, making the bed, ( we make ours up)? Or is it just having nothing pressing all day? Or seeing some beautiful scenes or sites? What do you like?

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I’m boring, but I like my vacations spent at home, with my kitties and movies. I like going to bed whenever I want, sleep in like mad, be lazy and order food. Just do my own personal stuff, with no real responsibilities for a while. I could do that if I mooched financial aid from the government, except I like having a bit of spending money. And doing that for too long would suck. But for a week or two, that’s what I like.
I don’t enjoy going on huge trips or anything, because it’s always so much damn work. Guess I’m probably missing out this way, and some day I will travel through Europe…but as a hobo, not a tourist, haha.
I need my alone time a lot, and vacation is a great way for me to catch up. Like some Xmas song said, no place like home for the holidays or whatever. Nothing like reruns of Highlander and cold ravioli at three in the morning, fuck yeah.

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I like staying at hotels and eating at restaurants, but the best part is when we find good bargains where we stay and eat.

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I was making 7 dollars a hour and through hacking the time clock at work saved up 3K for a month in Europe in a few months.

After 11 countries and a lot of walking I just wanted to get home. And when I got home I was homeless.

I hated most of it. But I would do it again. I am Karl Pilkington.

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I adore going on vacations (holidays) with my SO. The best part? At the end of the day, when we are back in the hotel room and recap our experiences from our own perspectives. By then, we can laugh at the times we got lost and were panicked. We are amazed over how one thought a sight was a dud while the other thought it was a marvel.

@johnpowell Props for mentioning Karl.

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It’s spending time with people, and not having the nagging of work and school in the background. I like pampered stationary vacations of sunbathing and massages, but I much prefer vacations that are adventurous where we feel like we can do whatever we want for a few days—that’s what I like most about them, the freedom and the relaxed attitude.

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The best part of vacation is having no responsibilities for time, no one asking me to run errands for them, and generally just getting to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no worries.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I don’t know. But I did get to see a lot of hot bodies at the canoe and kayak regatta. You might have enjoyed that.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Hell yeah. but I would have like all the hot bodies, too

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@Symbeline It was guys and women, all ages, (adults) so your choices were wide open. And these people are built.

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It is being able to make my own schedule. Not being on the clock. Lingering over a long breakfast. Walking on the beach. Not having to go to bed early. Having time to read books without falling asleep!

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I’ve been to a lot of places and had a wonderful time at most of them, but my favorite time is coming home and going to the local market. I always check out market places when I travel, to see what they are like, but there’s nothing like the color and variety in my own local market.

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The best part is right before the trip. Half of the fun of traveling is the anticipation. The next best part is when I arrive at my destination, knowing I do not need to cook, clean, or make any decisions beyond my daily itinerary, filled with fun things to do.

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Best part for me is the temperature change. I live in a cold country, so the minute I get off the airplane and land on a country thats over 34 degrees with the smell of the ocean…that for me is utter bliss!

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@snapdragon24 We’re at 38 degrees C. It’s my payback for gloating over cool temps while I was on vacation.

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