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What is living in Montreal, Canada like?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) July 13th, 2012

I’m wondering what kinds of things there are to do in Montreal?

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I have never lived there, but I have been there. It is a modern city, clean, good food, easy to walk around and plenty of public transportation. Cold climate in the winter, but there are underground walkways and shopping that connect into the subway system so you can avoid the harsh weather. The city is fully bilingual, English is used as easily as French. In addition it is very diverse, feels rather international. Within a few hours you can be in Quebec City, which is lovely with a very European feel, the Laurentian Mountains, or in America in the mountains of Vermont of New York.

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I too have never lived there, but I have visited there. I loved it. There was a lot of things I found to do, but only being there for 4 days, did not get to do them all. I would actually love to live there given the opportunity.

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Montreal is probable the most vibrant, diverse and stimulating in which anyone can live. Beyond the dominant English and French cultural and linguistic groups are enclaves of Italian, Greek, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese and many other groups of people with different cultures, languages and heritages. The range of Entertainment options, dining opportunities and public events, festivals offer so many opportunities to share their culture with others.

Like any big city, these are the challenges of rush hour commuting by car. Many people take advantage the the modern, safe subway system, the buses that connect with the subway to reach all corners of the city.

I was born there and my parents still live there, There are two major English language Universities and even more French language Universities.

It’s location makes excellent downhill and cross-country readily accessible both in Quebec but also in adjacent American states.

Montreal is a great place to live and really experience life. If my circumstances permitted it, I would seriously consider returning to live in my home towm.

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