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Ever heard a brave statement being made that just blew you away?

Asked by Cardinal (2913points) May 31st, 2008

A year ago a very good lady friend and her hubby had a baby. These folks are well to do and the child would want for nothing. The child, a girl, died at 21 days with multiple organ failure. Everything possible was done for the baby. The couple wracked up a 500K hospital bill in the 21 days.

The dad carried the casket to the front of the church and the Mother standing with her hand on the coffin, read a letter to the dead child she had written. Including how she felt carring her, the birth. She commented on her hair and eye color. She told the child how proud she was that she tolerated the medical attention so well and that she was a brave strong person. She went on to describe how she would have grown up, gone to school. Her first party dress She described her prom dress, her wedding dress. She described fixing her hair for her 16th BD party.The Mother told her how she would miss the time they would have spent together shopping, playing, being together.

She described many things in the life of the child as she thought they would have been, had the baby lived.

There was around 100 people at the service, including about 50 who flew in from everywhere in the US, a few flew in from Europe, one couple from Asia who canceled their vavcation, dozens drove hundreds of miles to show their love and support for the grieving parents.

The Mother read this letter she composed to her daughter in a clear steady voice and never waivered. Ended with thanking the chid for being a part of her (the Mom’s) life and said I love you and will never never forget you and what you mean to me.

Holy cow, every person in the church was falling apart, even the priest was crying and had to sit down. I will never forget what she did and how brave she was and never shed a tear or voice never waivered.

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Come on, come on, tell me more!

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Well, there was one situation when I was watching a college baseball game on my T.V. and this poor guy that was pitching for the team was puking in the dugout, and he was so sick he could barely focus on the game. He was the only pitcher they had left because they had used all their other pitchers the previous games. Courageously, he walked onto the field with 15,000 people around him and pitched 6 innings straight. They interviewed him the following week and he said that he just kept telling himself that once it’s over and he’s looking back at this moment – he wants to be proud he did what he had to do. I don’t remember his name, or even the team he was on, but I’ll remember that forever.

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this is a very, very, VERY lond question tom

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I call this “everyday heroism.”

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