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Have you ever been scared of yourself?

Asked by this_velvet_glove (1142points) July 13th, 2012

It happens to me, so I thought it would be good to ask this question.
Sometimes I get scared of myself and the things I do, it’s like I’m a total different person. Just sometimes, but still…

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Yes. Usually when I have been out of touch with myself, and have unprocessed thoughts and feelings. I suggest you: Journal. Meditate. Co-counsel. Share.

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I have to keep my temper reigned in. It’s pretty scary. But I’ve been okay with it since I was a teen.

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Yes, when I was drinking, I’d be scared witless sometimes over what happened in a blackout.

Hasn’t been a problem since I got sober.

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Yep, I have been in the past. Pretty much due to what @Zaku mentioned. Meditation is very helpful.

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What ^^ @zenvelo ^^ said.

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In terms of what I’m capable of? I feel like I could potentially do something that I would pater regret.

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Not really no, but my shadow….fucking hell!!

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No, I’m pretty emotionally stable, but if you push me too far you’ll be verbally thrashed and left speechless and slack jawed. I am VERY adept at calling people out on exactly what their shit is. lol
Very few people can outwit me when I am in full form. I have been told that my personality is “formidable yet sincere.” Yes, I will sincerely rip you a new one. lol

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Yep, you ought to see me in a debate. I never lose and scare myself all the time at how competitive I get.

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Oh yes, since I am my own worst enemy!

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I took out all the mirrors in my place, since every time I talk to them I feel like going out, finding pretty people and carving out their hearts.

Erm, I don’t scare myself, at least not as a whole. But some of my behaviors and thoughts can be disturbing to me, and kinda weird sometimes. Even if I get ’‘used’’ to them. Mostly though, I just un amaze myself.

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One time, I was walking while listening to music on my headphones. A guy came up behind me and groped me down there. I was so angry. I spun around and chased him him for several blocks. Along the way, I picked up a metal pipe. With all the surging adrenaline, I even managed to scale a fence one-handed while clutching that pipe in the other. (Something I could probably never do again—even if you paid me.)

Luckily for him (and for me), I didn’t catch him. Sure, the guy was a pervert. But it still scared me a bit to think of what I might have done had I actually caught him.

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Not exactly, but I think other people have this inner moral guide that tells them things like “stealing is wrong,” or “it’s wrong to do bad things to other people.” Like, empathy and guilt kick in and they decide not to do bad things. I don’t have that. My shoulder angel and shoulder devil are pretty much on the same page. It’s just like, “can I get away with this? No? Oh, never mind, then.”

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Hm, I’m scared of lots of things. My diabetes getting the best of me, not getting a job with health insurance, being alone, transphobic assault, disappointing people. But I don’t think I’ve ever been scared of myself. I’m the only thing I have to rely on !

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You know what, I’m going to have to amend my answer. I’ve been scared of myself only just recently. Mostly scared that I’m going to get myself into a fight and get my face broken. (French idiom). Testosterone is a potent drug O_o

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@bookish1 Oh please don’t. Getting into fights can only cause trouble (I think).

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@this_velvet_glove That’s pretty mature. Fighting doesn’t solve anything.

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@this_velvet_glove : No worries, that’s never been my style before and I can hold off now. It’s just how I’ve been feeling recently.

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