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Is anyone of you 'clean' your pubic hair every so often?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 10th, 2010

Everyone have this kind of ‘forest’ or ‘bush’ on their sensitive part of their body that will grow constantly from time to time. Some people might feel that their pubic hair is far too long and something needs to be done but other people will remain careless about this particular hair.

So(please be honest), what do you think about this kind of hair?(gross, annoying, embarrassing, or proud?) Do you shave it all off, or just trim it? Shave some of it and trim the rest? Dye it another color entirely? Wax it?(I know it hurts) Do you feel the urge to clean this hair every so often?

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Excuuuse me? Doctor D, I hardly know you. What are you going to do with this most personal information?

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I think there was another question on this 2 or 3 weeks ago, but i’m not computer savvy enough to link it for you.

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Dont we all have psychedelic zig zag pinstripes in our coochies??

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@jazmina88 Only those of us with postpartum stretch marks.

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OMG, hilarious….I was thinkin of tye dye trim with some polka dots, but I guess you are right.
I dont know nothing about birthin no babies.

By the way, you are simply georgous, I was looking at flutherbucket…...

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@Doctor_D What, exactly, are you a doctor of?

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::mucho blushes:: Thank you.

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@MissA I’m just curious about people in this site. Please don’t answer you feel insecure. I have seen the similar question in other sites. More out-going people,I guess.

@mrentropy I’m no doctor. So you think our nickname should represent our real identity then?

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If you must know, I have dreadlocks down there.

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I believe this question is less sensitive than other question with NSFW but… Whatever.
I’m asking purely for people’s preferences and ‘taste’ here not something dirty and immature.

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@Doctor_D Yes, I think your name should represent your identity. If you aren’t a doctor, why present yourself as one?

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Occasionally I’ll mow it all down, but mostly I don’t pay it much attention. That being said, all my bathing suits have little skirts to hide the booshes. Like the “man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz.


::walks away quickly without making the internet equivalent of eye contact::

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@chyna Well that’s just your opinion. Just like @jazmina88 I have a link to answer your question(the one ask by miss YARNLADY) but I’m not a computer sawy,so sorry…

Should an users named “dog” is really a dog? Beside,it’s not your business how others should make their nickname.

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@Doctor_D You asked, I answered.

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I was joking. I figured you were really a rapper.

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@chyna I don’t even see your answer but…whatever it doesn’t really important anymore.

@mrentropy Oh is that so? Please forgive me if I took it too seriously(I don’t really understand jokes in English anyway). I’m not a rapper,I just don’t like rap. And I’m the doctor of your child. You probably just forgot about me.

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For some reason, when people refer to themselves as a doctor, people take that at face value. Of course, someone typing in a thread is not going to be a dog. Just curious…what is your goal with this information? And, I’m not being mean spirited or dirty or immature.

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@Doctor_D I could care less what you present yourself as, I don’t pay any attention to you.

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Wow… I think some people are being a little harsh. This question, in my opinion, is no different than some other NSFW questions. Who cares that he asked it? Don’t answer if you don’t want to.

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@MissA Unfortunately I’m not the only one here(there are others like Dr. Dredd,bill,etc) You should judge them first before you can even judge me(I join after them). As I said I just curious. Do you think I’m going to tell others about your information? My goodness,I don’t even know who you are.

@chyna Same for me. The fact that you didn’t answer my previous question could be that you couldn’t find your answer.

@DrasticDreamer Some people just being harsh first,other people just try to clarify.
“Who cares that he asked it? Don’t answer if you don’t want to”
I think you get the point. Rather than keep polluting this thread.

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I have not expressed my point well in this thread. In the name of peas and hominy, I will apologize for not doing so. Sorry, DD.

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@MissA Please don’t apologize. Maybe I’m just too sensitive/easily offended.

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Is everybody in a crappy mood these last few days or is it a full moon out?

I don’t see this Q as any more offensive than a few months ago when some guy asked about others eagerly slurping up their girl’s period blood. Any people who dared to criticize THAT question were treated to derision.

And this one gets more criticism and piling on than that one ? Gee whiz people. Get a grip already.

If you don’t like the Q nobody is holding a gun to your head. What on earth prevents you from just moving on already without the necessity of hostility and hyper-criticism of the asker ? Good grief.

BTW. for all of you nit pickers out there, she has previously stated that the reason for her choice of SN is because she’s an animal lover, hence Doctor Doolitle (in shortened form) or do I need to draw it out for you in crayon ?

What the eff has happened to people tonight ? Did someone put hostility powder in the water supply?

Good grief.

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@Buttonstc How did I miss that one?

And I agree, someone appears to have urinated in the Collective’s collective bowl of Corn Flakes tonight.

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@Buttonstc @Seek_Kolinahr You two make me giggle… Corn Flake urine… tee hee….

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Alright already. I opened this with what I thought was a light-hearted answer. Then, I got lumped in with someone questioning his doctor-hood. Trying to perhaps ease the defensiveness, due to someone asking what he was a doctor of…I simply stated that, well, read the above.

I’m not in a crappy mood…and, was not attempting to crappify anyone else’s. And, yes, I should not have answered…I should have quietly moved on.

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@Buttonstc Thank you for clarifying that. I need that.
The nest thread is broken,time to find another tree for nesting. Thank you for those of you who answer this question with directness(I really appreciate your honesty),take it easy,no one is going to spread you personal information anyway.

This one of many reasons why I can’t stand the ‘Social’(less respect) section. <Migrate to another site>

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I don’t know how you missed it either. It caused quite a stir.

This one SO pales by comparison. And THAT one appeared along with a whole slew of other NSFW questions in a very short time period and it just created the impression that Fluther was rapidly devolving into a quick ride to hell in a XXX handbasket.

But anyone objecting to this trend was immediately regarded as a super prude for daring to Q the necessity of all the details on the intricacies of sex during menses. It opened up a whole can of worms best left closed :)

This Q is so tame in comparison I can’t even begin to describe. And it’s certainly not the first Q regarding pubic hair.

I forgot to check when I was out earlier today but I think full moon is as good an explanation as any.

When I first began teaching, I thought that type of stuff was just superstitious nonsense spouted by the other teachers (many of whom had grown up in Jamaica and similar locales in the Caribbean)

However, after enough times when my entire class of kids acted up for apparently no reason and them pointing out to me afterward that it was a full moon out, I began to reevaluate.

Also, ask any experienced ER personnel and they will bear this out as well. Full moon is crazy time in the ER.

So that’s my current theory. I’ll have to check it out. I wonder if there are any online sites tracking full moon cycles?

Well, I’m off to Goog to see what I can find. Fluther seems to be aggravating me incredibly the last 48 hrs.

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Well, I’m pretty sure it’s the new moon tonight. So that’s no excuse. ^_^

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I’ll try and hold off from making lame jokes for 55 minutes.

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Groom the shroom and prune the flower!

end transmission

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There was another question asked by sleepdoc, who is in fact, a doctor, and at least says something about himself in his profile.

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I daub it liberally with Butch wax so that I can put a part in the middle thus allowing my tiny pecker to peek out.

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Now that’s the Fluther spirit. GA for you.

BTW. when my little brother was really little (ages 3–6) I was obsessed with styling his crewcut to make him as cute as possible for the many poses I put him in for my budding amateur photography talents.

Butchwax was DA BOMB. (for me at least. He grew to hate it intensely) I wondered often if that’s what prompted him to grow his hair ridiculously long in his teen years and keep it that way even as an adult. I guess there can be too much of a good thing sometimes :)

But I love Butchwax and all the fond memories it evokes.

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That’s bullshit that your name should reflect who you are in real life.

Pssst… I think that’s the point of anonymity. Also, it’s the freaking internet.

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@ubersiren – didn’t you know I’m actually a student of the Vulcan Science Institute, and on my way to achieving Kolinahr?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Lol… well, if anyone was, I’d say it’d be you!

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This is weird,I saw many people think they have the ‘right’ to control how others put their nickname in this site. I think if someone don’t like/agree with one’s nickname then it’s their own problem not that particular user.

Take a look at this thread.

I usually will ignore those who try to trolling on me since they don’t even deserve my comment and I won’t waste my time argue with immature people but since I’m the one who made this thread then I feel obliged to answer each responses(even if it’s from trolls).

I don’t care about worthless comment anymore(but I feel the need to clarify for this one). I feel pity when I see someone want to mess up with others but all he/she can do is just “say”. Pity…

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