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Electrical interference noise in car speaker?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 31st, 2008

My car has a factory installed stereo system. I also had an ipod adapter installed (which fools the stereo into thinking that an ipod is a 10 disc changer). The car stereo sounds great but when I switch to the ipod, I hear a screeching sound in the background which tracks the accelerator. The more I hit the gas pedal, the higher the frequency of the sound. So, it is clearly related. How can I fix this? The car dealership says it cannot be fixed.

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Take it to a car audio place. They can most likley install a noise filter.

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It may be the installation. Did you make sure the iPod Adapter was fully compatable with your speaker system/car?Your car may have a hard time translating what it’s getting from the iPod. If it’s the adapter, take it somewhere where they have knowledge in this. If it’s the speakers, check your speakers and make sure they just didn’t blow and you were unaware.

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RadioShack sells a cheap noise filter that you might be able to hook up between the iPod and the stereo. It fixed the problem with my set up.

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I have the same exact problem. Except my ipod adapter is just a radio transmitter so i never figured it to be the iPod causing the problem. Just thought thats how my truck was.

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I wired some speakers into my car and my completely unprofessional opinion is that someone somewhere used the chassis as a ground, and that is picking up noise from the engine.

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