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Are High School Diplomas really worth anything?

Asked by melly6708 (502points) May 31st, 2008

just a question..

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The piece of paper or the accomplishment?

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Yes, a thousand times, yes. That thousand times is how many times you will regret it later if you don’t have it. High school can be painful, boring, uncomfortable, but you can get through it. You will be glad you did.

In our culture a high school diploma is a kind of passport: to better jobs, higher salaries. It will make your way in later life much smoother.

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In the sense that one needs a high school diploma to matriculate into college, then yes. Beyond that, I would say that I don’t believe it is worth as much today as in the past.

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well i already graduated high school and starting my second year of college at the moment.. im asking this question because my boyfriend and i were arguing about it.. ..

i do agree that its worth something.. people with out diplomas work their whole life using there body and back.. people with diplomas that use them wisely live their life having jobs using their brains and dont really have to do the blue collar jobs.

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to me its not all that great because most of my friends that graduated are not using their diplomas for nothing, they ended up at macdonalds or cvs which pays minimum wage. Well, yeah I guess it does help if you know what to do. And yeah I’m her boyfriend.

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@exek1 At least if your friends who are not using theirs wake up and change their minds in five years or ten years from now, they will have options to do something else to make a living. Those without the diploma will have very limited options.

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@marina yeah I guess you are right, I guess I’ll go get my GED…..

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high school diplomas are a pretequisit for higher education

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Marina couldn’t have said it any better.

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or I can go take a 2day class and pay 200 to 300 dollars to get my diploma. I wonder if it’ll be the same as the real highschool diploma?

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no crazy boy…

go get it the right way

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well you know what… i dont think that its a stupid question..its something that teens ask them selves everyday. is everything that they are doing worth it in the end. i even ask myself is all this that im doing and sacrificing worth it.. even if people say that having a diploma is a must , i know people that have come from nothing and have become successful. For example my parents.. they both came from mexico to the united states with nothing, just the clothes on their back. And now they have everything they ever wanted… and my dad only went to school til the 3rd grade.. he works as a gardener and now has his self owned business

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I couldn’t work where I do without one.

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yeah some places require a highschool diploma but people get to lazy and stick with whatever they can get,

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I think if to have skills it doesnt matter. If you can do something or are interested in somethng bullshit degrees don’t matter. People can tell if your an asset

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They are a necessary stepping stone toward things which ARE worth something.

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well it depends on what your going to do.. for me im an art major and nothing i learned in high school prepared me for what i have come across in some of my classes.. there are somethings that high school doesnt prepare you for sometimes.

and i dont know about anyone else but i have learned things now that i didnt even know in high school.

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Um…. A ticket to college which gives you an opportunity for an Education which in turn gives you more opportunities for a stable job (career) and in turn a better life stlye. In other words yes I think its worth something.

Note: that’s not to say a college degree is the only way you could make money (right Mr. Gates??). But in the end nothing is better than a education.

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It also says something important about you personally: can you finish or follow through with something you’ve started?

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” Are High School Diplomas really worth anything?”

Have you checked e-Bay?

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well there actually are diplomas on ebay


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From an entrepenurs perspective, I’d say yes and no. Yes in that high school does provide you with the bedrock knowledge you need to build on later on in life in areas like maths, science, language, etc. Yet at the same time, the most important thing you learn “getting an education” is HOW TO LEARN! If you do high school right and have the mental accuity to learn new things very quickly, you can go very far indeed with just that. At the same time, due to the current state of education today, most people don’t learn how to learn in high school, they are taught how to memorize and regurgitate information. I think its high irony indeed that in todays high schools the fact that “teaching to the test” is considered standard practice. In the end this attitude cheats everyone, kids get to college expecting to continue to have information spoon-fed to them with little to no critical thinking required, and schools pump out students who need lots of remedial education in college for high-school level material.

All in all, a high school education is important, to say its not worth getting is fool hardy and short sighted, I refuse to believe that at 16 you know what you wanna do for the rest of your life. Having a high school degree opens doors for you to do higher education and get better jobs either right outta school or at a later date. At the same time, I think the more important issue is to look at the QUALITY of the education which has been gotten. Has a fully functional adult with critical thinking skills been released into the world, or is the holder of that degree simply another mass-produced learning unit who requires regular and frequent spoon-feeding of information to make even the most basic decisions.

In my experience, people who say you don’t need a HS degree are learning units. Who can blame them? They got the short end of the stick when they needed help the most, I’d say it was pretty worthless to if I was in their shoes.

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I don’t think that high schools diploma worth so much , because people are choosing easy way to get like you can get a fake diploma by spending 300$-400$ , then why would someone go to school and spend money on that.

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