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Why is Captain Ackbar's "It's a trap" line such a big deal?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 31st, 2008

I don’t get it. Why are so many people so into this line? Can someone point out what I am missing?

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Probably because so many situations come up (especially online) where it applies (phishing, 419 scams, rickrolling, etc.)

Also, I hear the cereal is delicious.

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Nah its mainly because of 4chan. Traps are another word for hermaphrodites. So it comes up in situations where someone posts what seems to be a picture of a hot girl but shes really got a penis. Trap.

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@phonyx That was hilarious! Thanks.

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@atharkhan But you demoted him.

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Why are cats with bad grammar so enthralling?
Why is Domo-kun known outside of Japan?
Why are motivational posters so damn funny?

Questioning Internet memes is dangerous. The world is liable to explode.

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@lefteh First you display an astonishingly deep knowledge of presidential history and now you use the word memes! That is so hot.

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Slurry-talking marine Admirality is always awesome. Especially with flopping rubber fins.

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It’s a shame that a slang-term for hermaphrodites is being used in such negative humor. Smacks of homophobia to me. I’m not saying anyone is or is not gay. Trans-gendered people are too often associated with homophobia.
Some of that hasn’t come out quite right.
I’m trying to stand up against the de-humanization of transgendered (gay, straight or indifferent, for that matter) people—simply because ‘they’ may be different or we don’t understand them.
I will get off my soapbox now. Thank you for your brief attention. Remember ‘people’ may come in more shapes and sizes than exist in your philosophy.

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It’s Admiral Ackbar not Captain Ackbar.

And out of all of you, uberbatman is the most correct- it’s a 4chan meme.

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Concentrate all fire on that super infinite question!

@Arglebargle_IV: Only the 4channers, I think it’s funny because he’s so goofy looking…

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My friends and I were quoting it in back in high school, when the internet was just a bunch of academics. Of course, we also the types who played the Star Wars role-playing game during lunch period, so it probably was 4chan that made it popular.

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Wow.. I just realized that I said “Captain Ackbar” instead of “Admiral Ackbar.” That was a slip—we used to call my uncle “Captain Akbar” (his name was Akbar and he was a Captain). You can see a picture of him here:

Heh… that was funny…. “Captain Ackbar…” ha ha ha… its a trap!

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It really was a trap!

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