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Which state in the US has the most police corruption?

Asked by NewWorldSurvivor (31points) July 15th, 2012

Which state in the US has the most police corruption?

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Next question, you, in the back…

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I’d guess AZ or LA.
@Crashsequence2012 When did NYC become a state? Lol

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As it includes NYC.

The corruption in NYC is so great it exceeds what you would find in a typical state.

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My first guess would be Illinois.

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I think it is a 3 way tie between LA & NY & AZ.

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Why NYS? just curious.

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I’d guess Rhode Island before New York. I haven’t looked it up yet. Has anyone looked up the stats anywhere yet?

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All of them? All of them.

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How about New Jersey?

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1. New York
2. California
3. Illinois
4. Florida
5. Pennsylvania
6. Texas
7. Ohio
8. DC
9. New Jersey
10. Louisiana

Who do you remind me of? ~

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It would appear I was correct.

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Per @bkcunningham ‘s link, per capita it is:

Washington, DC
New York
New Jersey

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I guessed Illinois before going through all this.

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You guys got the statistical answer, but my experience from living in 8 states and 15 towns/cities, the worst police force I’ve ever encountered was in Sioux Falls, SD. I’m not sure if they were corrupt, but they were definitely bullies, screamers and more of the problem than the people they pulled over. They’re notorious enough that Sioux Falls residents prepare new residents for encounters with their cops.

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Guessing, I would have said Illinois or Texas. Do I get points for both of them being on the more official lists?

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You’ll find most police agencies in the U.S. are at least somewhat corrupt. They share common traits, like virtual immunity from being held accountable for mistakes – or things that look like mistakes.

I dunno though: NYC police are stupid, incompetent, belligerent, socially awkward, frequently sociopathic, and find ways to do things that are completely out of step with common sense and basic decency, but corrupt? Hard to tell, at least if they’re worse than town cops in many places where oversight is probably virtually unheard of. NYPD has its goon squads openly disregard the constitution to needlessly frisk, without so much as reasonable suspicion, hundreds of thousands of minorities a year. But at least people complain about it, even if the pols don’t have the balls to do anything about it because a police force is made up of precious little snowflakes who can’t do wrong.

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@bolwerk I have to agree with you—I think there is some corruption in most if not all police departments. The nature of the job attracts certain personalities and unfortunately with police work, bullies and power-hoarders will gravitate to that job.

I knew a really seemingly-sweet police officer in one town where I used to live—he was really close to my mom and later after we moved out, I learned he had beat up drunks and abusers, had botched investigations to protect the guilty because he agreed with their actions and had killed a few people. You never know who’s corrupt.

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I would think that to really find the true answer would be very hard, because there could be corrupt places but who keeps track of corruption? Who logs bribes taken, bribes given, etc.? Only if there are criminal charges brought are these things thrust into the limelight. There could and probably is some little Joe-Schmoe town in the boondocks where the police are very corrupt, but who knows about it and who keeps track of that corruption? The people there might be involved in the corruption, or too scared to expose it, or it might be something that the local journalists don’t think is important enough or big enough to make a story out of. So NYC and other cities are the obvious answers, but probably not the real answers.

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