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Which is better, muscle cars or imports?

Asked by exek1 (160points) May 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I can’t decide on what car should I get!
a camaro z28 or a Honda civic?

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Honda Civic, technology is the replacement for displacement.

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Get the Civic. Honda is just BETTER.

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just get a car.. :)

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i dont get why people care so much about how fast their car goes. all i care is that my car runs, which it does so im good.. plus im just getting in to the whole driving thing and i dont really want to crash a car that is so expensive thats why i got an oldish crappy car.. but personally i think my car fits me.. i love the bright color and its little and cute

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yeah I think ima get the civic.
I have a porsche 944 but its to expensive to modify. I was thinking on getting n ls1 engine but its so expensive. So yeah the civic will be cheaper to fix and it’ll be fast.

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Good choice!

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think green boost a Honda :)

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depends on the mods you want to do. Your a street racer right? I say go for the camero. More power and to mod the handling it is cheap plus you get more exhaust options and its cheaper to fix.

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To have fun and play around with short spurts nothing beats the burn outs, drifting and raw power of a z28 plus parts to produce extra horse power for a z28 is easier to work on and lighter on your pockets.
On the other hand civics are fun, they corner well, they drive forever, get great gas milage and are always underestimated because of power to weight ratio.
I have owned both I personaly still own a civic.

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