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Product reviews and recommendations (or UN-recommendations)! I'm checking out consumer reports, review sites, etc but thought I'd ask for some personal opinions on some things I'm looking to get.

Asked by zina (1653points) May 31st, 2008

- 2–3 person tent
– double sleeping bag
– organic sheet set, duvet cover
– towel set
– air mattresses (twin and double)
– suitcase set (a few that fit inside each other)
– toolbox with tools
– free weight set (pairs of about 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb)

Personal experience with a particular model or brand? Other thoughts or tips?

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do you mean that those are good places to shop?

also, i’m looking at the weight sets and can’t find any of those good old-fashioned round cast iron ones (comfy handhold), or any small sets with heavier weights (they’re all 2, 3, 5, 8 lbs…. i’d like ~5, 10, and 15lbs ideally). i’m intrigued by the ones with adjustable weights that you add on the sides. are those comfortable to use?

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Not sure where you can find that, all though i’m absolutely positive eBay has everything you need.

Try here

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thanks, that’s neat

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@Zina; nice to see that you’re back. I was afraid that you had permanently vanished.

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I mis-read your question. I was interested to see what products of which you were seeking United Nations recommendations.

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sorry – i noticed that shortly after posting, and definitely mean un-recommendations – ie, x tent is supposed to be the best but it actually sucks

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on the tent thing, i always look at the weight and packing size/dimensions. Also, for me a biggie is whether or not the tent will stand up without having to use the stakes. i trust REI for tents for the most part, and if it sucks you can always return it….. love that policy!

are you trying to buy all this stuff online? it might be worth it to go to a couple of stores and get a feel for what you like…. then see what you find online….

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