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Strained my right quad what can I do to be ready tomorrow?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1808points) July 17th, 2012

We have a diagnostic PT test tomorrow and I strained my right quad pretty good with PT and doing sprints this morning.I don’t believe I pulled it I imagine it would be far worse. Funny because I felt great this morning love going all out when I’m motivated and this happens. Hah.

Anyways yea besides just stretching, been massaging and lightly hitting around the area to help keep things loose. Had an extra nutrition shake has a lot of potassium. Might hit the sauna….Can’t think of anything else really. Any other suggestions?

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Stretches, heat and working it loose are the best.

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Just also wanted to ask are thing like Bengay,IcyHot etc. Actually effective some people say they don’t really help you.

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I agree with @Rarebear, ice it. Stay away from all the heat treatments. They feel good for the moment but do not help you heal.

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Torn muscles do not heal overnight regardless of what you do.
You can give supportive care but don’t expect a miracle.

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