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What are the visa requirements for New Zealand?

Asked by bongo (4297points) July 18th, 2012

There is an amazing job which is perfect for me, I have tons of experience in the field and will have a masters in just over 2 months in the required subject. The only problem is that the job is in New Zealand and is a permanent position. I have looked on the NZ immigration website and am thoroughly confused by what type of work permit I would need to apply for. Is anyone able to help me with the different types of visa available and what may be best for me? I would love to be able to stay permanently however I have contacted the company hiring to see if they would accept a temporary position if I am unable to stay for longer.
Would I be able to apply for a permanent visa being as I have no ties to NZ previously and also what is the longest temporary visa I would be able to apply for?
(the job is as an egg and yolk sac larvae technician for the aquaculture of fin fish and I have an MRes in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries with my project focus on the rearing of salmonids)

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I don’t know but it seems the Kiwis are much slacker than Australia in terms of their immigration requirements. So, get in there and then you can move to Australia. New Zealand is a truly beautiful place so I hope you get the job and then you can come to Oz and say hi to me!

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I think it depends on your job and if it a one that is difficult to fill by locals or not. We looked into retiring there and for that they require a substantial “investment” in the country.

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You will NOT get hired if you don’t have permanent residency and a work permit.

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If there are no qualifed NZ applicants, or if they firm is very progressive and willing to sponser you to help you get the residency and work permit, your chances are much better. Back in 1988, I moved to New Zealand and applied for Perm. Res. and a work permit under the auspices of having an employer writing a letter to the Immigration Office saying they absolutely wanted to hire me, and that I was in a relationship with a citizen.

If the ad doesn’t specifically state ‘only those who currently hold residency and work permits need apply’ your chances of the employer working with you toward relocating are better.

When I lived there, I always got tonnes of applications from accounting and IT people from India wanted to resettle. They had poor English skills, were still IN India and trying to work backwards by getting a job first and then applying for WP and PR. In SOME industries, that works, like if you are willing to be a school teacher out in the boonies, but New Zealand has plenty of qualified IT and accounting people, so in the end, everyone started putting, ‘Only applicants who have current residency and work permits will be considered.’

They are not lacks with their immigration policy. They accept applications based on skills lists and actively seek qualified immigrants.

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Oh, even though I left 10 years ago, if I won the lottery or someone was willing to pay my relocation expenses, I would go back with my son in a flash. Best country in the world to live, in my opinion.

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Your potential employer can help you with the visa issues.

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If the job is in Christ Church area you should have no problem since everyone there who can afford to is moving. They are still having big aftershocks practically every day and much damage will never be repaired. People are losing their minds literally because of the constant shaking. I wouldn’t go near that part of the country, but it is called the Shaky Isles so what do you expect.

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