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Did you hear about the republishing of famous novels with added pornographic content?

Asked by filmfann (47600points) July 20th, 2012

According to this link, there is a plan to republish Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Sherlock Holmes with added sex passages.
Would you read such things?
Is it okay to do this?
Why would it be wrong to do this, yet alright to add chapters describing zombie killing, vampire hunting, etc.?

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I read about that. I think it’s hilarious, but also doomed to fail. After all, who is the audience in these things? Any serious reader is going to know the difference between 200 year old prose and some schlock that a contemporary author tries to squeeze. And if the reader isn’t serious, then who cares? They won’t know the difference anyhow.

As long as the copyright has expired, people can do anything they want – sex, zombies, religion, all sorts of crap. But that doesn’t make the idea successful.

But I would say – go for it, it’s harmless. And if some idiots want to do this as a business, let them waste their own time and money. It’s good for the economy.

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Apparently, Dr. Watson will talk to Holmes about the grand satisfaction he has in having sex with other men.
I am not making that up.

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I want to read all the salacious details of Macbeth going at it with is mother.

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Good idea.

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Did anyone else feel that tremor? I’m sure it was Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle rolling over in their graves.

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Ugh. Seriously, ugh. The power in Austen is that there is no sex. The restraint, waiting, reserve and anticipation is what makes the stories so powerful, not some nasty Harlequin Books scene.

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The options for Moby Dick are simply limitless.

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Fabulous idea. Then let’s allow graffiti artists to embellish the great paintings of the world.

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Wow, it would ruin the characters of these stories.What draws you in is how the characters are cleverly written and that they don’t dumb the girl down or make her all about sex. Mr. Darcy is drawn to her cleverness, compassion and loyalty. Its not about what is in her hoop.
Sometimes less is more.
I wouldn’t object if they maybe put some art work that portrays some of the places. Like the mansion when the Darcys first arrive and his aunts home. They make the places seem so lavish.

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Well, at least there would be SOME incentive to buy Harry Potter books.
Do you not want to read about Hermione getting enspelled by Harry’s staff?

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I wonder what they’ll do with Huck Finn.

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They will have to rename Fifty Shades of Grey to “Five Hundred Shades of Grey, Black and Blue, and a Little Pink”

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Well, they think there’s a market. I wonder what the market is. Would a few sex scenes get people who would not ordinarily wade through Jane Eyre to pick the novel up? Somehow, I doubt it. Why not just straight for the jugular? There is plenty of erotica and porn available for free. Why pay to read the classics with a few jarring scenes added?

Does anyone wonder what they will do enough to pay for a e-classic erotically enhanced novel?

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Don’t people have the ability to use their imaginations on their own any longer?

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@SpatzieLover Please don’t use such big words. What’s “imagination?”

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@SpatzieLover I’m fairly certain the authors of the new scenes had to use their imaginations to write them. Or does it not count if you make money off of it?

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Seems awesome (even though I won’t be reading any, because it would involve actually reading these books. Again.) May shippers everywhere finally get a good “squee!”.

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Yup, Moby Dick, The Thin Red Line, Unnecessary Roughness, Frank-n-stein

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I think it’s a completely ridiculous idea. If I want to read smut, I read smut. I don’t read classic literature for smut. Plus, adding things to classic works is literary sacrilege! How stupid. Re-editing classic works to remove content is also literary sacrilege. Have they no respect for classic novels anymore?

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Man, you would think everyone now has to read these versions or something. It’s not like the old ones are going out of print or anything.

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Meh. Honestly, i don’t see the problem, nor the appeal.

If they’re going for believable dissimulation of the new parts it’s going to be hilariously dry and boring, at worst, or basically ripping De Sade off, if we’re lucky; and if they’re not it’s going to be jarring as fuck, quite literally.

Besides, most characters from those novels are as un-sexy as it gets, why the hell would one want to hear about their sexual escapades, with the possible exception of Shelock Holmes in SOME of his novels, where he isn’t a ponce?

That aside, who cares? It’s like fanfic, wheter or not you like it and/or find it acceptable has absolutely no bearing on it being made and enjoyed by the oh-so-weird target audience, so lie back and enjoy the fireworks.

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^^I remember that. It’s the classic one; but think of the other possibilities.

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I don’t plan to read it, nor do I really care. The audience to whom “explosive sex scenes” appeals are not people with whom I have nuch in common. Seems like more gratuitous sex for the mindless masses, who probably will skip over the actual classis writing and will read only the sex scenes.
I just don’t care.

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Only the original author has the right to add or remove content.
I understand these are not being published as though they are the same books, but the titles will cause people to closely associate them with the originals anyway.

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That is wrong, period.

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@Supacase why shouldn’t they associate them? They clearly are related, for better or worse.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Is that what it was? I thought it was a minor earthquake.
It was just another attempt to get people to read.

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I guess people will buy just about anything.

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It will take a kind of genius to portray Mrs. Bennett as a slut in a threesome.

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