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Can you brainstorm some ideas for a new web application ?

Asked by kartovar (24points) July 21st, 2012

Let’s explore your wildest creativity and ideas, Which service or web app you would like to have created to help you work better or have fun…

Games, Office related, Travel, Music, Video, Movies, Community, Family, Pictures.

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Here is one that I’ve batted around in my head for years after visiting the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, US. Family members could join a web site affiliated with a cemetery where their loved ones or ancestors were buried. For a fee, they would financially support maintaining the site and could purchase flowers to be put on the grave however often and when they wished. Photos of the grave would be updated regularly. The site could also be used to research ancestry/genealogy.

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Set one up over here. I wish I had my camera yesterday when my goose was “gooseterbating” with the garden hose in his swimming pool. lol
He gets extremely worked up stradleing the running hose to the point where he is gasping for air from holding it underwater for too long while trying to arrange it in just the right position for his enjoyment.

When the magic moment happens he squeals loudly and falls over in his pool, a satisfied gander is he. haha

” The secret sex lives of farm animals”. I think I need to set up a webcam.

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If only it were possible. If there was an app that could instantly tell me what that word or phrase is, that’s on the tip of my tongue, that I just can’t grasp or spit out. It’s darned frustrating.

Example: “You know that guy, he was in that movie, you know, the one with, uh uh, you know! It came out sometime in the 80’s, well maybe not because I was with that guy, you know from the party at so and so’s house, You know! It had another actor in it too, the one who has the famous acting father. No not the Quaids, no not the Sheens!!! Earlier, you know!!! You saw the movie with me, or maybe it was, oh you know that friend of mine that used to live a few doors down on what’s it street. You know!”

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I would love an app that could be used to turn in people illegally parked in handicapped spots. Snap a photo of the car and plate, put a date and time stamp on it, send it off, and bam they are mailed an expensive ticket and never do it again.

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