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How do you choose to keep up (or not) with politics and current affairs?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5511points) July 21st, 2012

Are you politically aware, or no? What sources do you use to keep informed? How do you keep all the names and places and details in order in your head? If you’re a deep digger, where do you dig? How do you avoid just being a parrot of your friends and relatives?

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I read the hews daily and listen to NPR. I don’t ever feel I need to parrot anyone because I have learned to sift and think and ponder and verify. At my age, it seems reflexive, like brushing my teeth while reading.

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I didn’t realize there was a choice?? How could you not keep up?? It’s like eating and breathing to me.

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It’s a struggle for me. The world moves too fast, and I’m too uninformed about too many issues.

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I look at Google News several times a day and read some of the top articles. That’s about it for me.

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While you are doing your morning toilette and making breakfast, turn the radio on. While in your car, turn the radio on. While exercising, turn the radio on (and I am not talking about “The
Top Forties.”

Set your home page on your Browser for Google News, any network news, any national newspaper or the BBC.

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Yay radio. I’m addicted to NPR, but sometimes Democracy Now makes me cry.

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The happiest times in my life have been when I’ve decided to turn it all off.

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@FluffyChicken: Skip the “Talking Heads” on NPR (or anywhere else) and listen to the news, in the AM, in the PM, and brief snippets on the half- hour and on the hour.

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It’s difficult for me, and I frequently change my mind on listening in or burying my head in the sand, depending on my mood. Some days I simply can’t put up with it.

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I read 5 newspapers a day. Yeah, I’m a dino, but it lets me spend time with the stories I want to see. I find TV news to be to fluffy or sensational.

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For the past several months I’ve been avoiding keeping up with the news at all costs. Not only do I hate the sensationalism of it all but there’s just so much bad news that by the end of a newscast I’m left feeling depressed, helpless, and even afraid to leave the house. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and, I must say, I’m much happier now that I don’t watch/read the news and that’s all that matters – my sanity is important to me.

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I read, watch and listen to news and current affairs programs daily. I particularly like to watch our public broadcaster’s breakfast programme because it covers a lot of world news and political material. No fluff and celebrity shit. I read from mainstream and alternative sources.

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I listen to National Radio, NZ’s public radio station, and read news articles online.

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I read the paper, plus three or four more papers online, plus some alternative/independent media sites. But lately I’ve been trying to ease off. It all leaves me outraged and depressed simultaneously, so I’m trying to focus more on my immediate realities. I do try to stay informed, though. I used to get involved in a lot of political discussions, but I’ve curtailed that because it takes a lot more time and energy than I have right now.

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Learn to identify editorializing:


If you sense that there is more to the story than you’re seeing, hearing, reading? there is.

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