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Do you still make mix tapes/CDs?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) July 22nd, 2012

I used to make mix tapes, and then CDs, for friends all the time. I also received rare and unavailable music from friends before rarities/box set albums came out. I also found that making a mix CD was one of the best ways to seduce someone, haha. (Or maybe that only works in high school…)

In this age of youtube, downloading and filesharing, do you ever make mix CDs anymore? Would you think it was weird if a friend made one for you?

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I’ve made a few for my very old car, because it has a CD player but no aux in port.

I think it is a lost art form, because my playlists aren’t ever very coherent. They are basically just my favorite songs, which sound good separately, but a little crazy all on one CD.

And I would find it a little weird if a friend made one for me. But I went to high school after MP3 players were already the majority music player. The nicest thing you could do for your unfortunate not tech-savvy friend was introduce them to limewire and IM them links to your favorite songs.

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I make playlists now. I suppose that’s the equivalent of the CD or tape mix. I like to have music to walk to or bathe to or do other things to. I don’t make them for friends though.

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Yeah, I still make mix CDs. It’s fun, and it’s also a way to show someone that you care about them (you actually spend time trying to make the perfect mix CD for them :)

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I make the occasional mix CD, but it is not quite the same as the hours of work that went into making a mix tape, and having to measure the time to make it just right.

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I do make mix cds for myself, and often copy them for friends. I rarely seduce them.

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I totally still make mixed cd’s.

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Well no, and I’ve never really made them either, although there are some exceptions. If it counts somehow, I actually still buy CD’s though.

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My dad used to make me mixed tapes all the time. That’s how I developed my particular music tastes and some of the singers/bands he put on those tapes became life long favourites (Barbra Streisand for example). I used to get really excited when I knew he was making me another tape.

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I used to make a lot of mix tapes but I haven’t done so for a long time and I’ve never made a mix CD. Not long ago I had to explain to my daughter what a mix tape was and she called it a prehistoric playlist.

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@athenasgriffin: Yeah, I did that too before I had an ipod adapter for my car. I used to listen to the same mix CD over and over again for months, haha… So much that listening to certain songs still reminds me of driving in a certain location!

@Bellatrix: I make playlists for special occasions too. Like when I have to write 30 pages in 4 days, haha! I wish there was a way to share a playlist with someone easily… Well, there probably is, I’m just not an adept internaut.

@this_velvet_glove: I agree! I usually make mix CDs for someone when I want to share with them some of my favorite songs that I think they’ll like.

@Leanne1986: That’s sweet. Have you carried on the tradition? Do you still make mixes for other people?

@downtide: headdesk Hahaha… What would vinyl be then?

@blueiiznh: Do you make them just for yourself, or for other people?

I wish it weren’t a dying art. I still remember so fondly the first few mix CDs my first girlfriend gave me, and I remember feeling like I had been let into a secret society when a friend of mine who was much older sent me some mix tapes with (at the time) unreleased Nirvana songs on them. (Like one live track of Flea from the Chili Peppers accompanying Smells Like Teen Spirit on the trumpet!) But I feel like, these days, unless someone is going to play the CD in their car, they’re just going to upload it onto their computer, where they can shuffle it or integrate it into their library, so it doesn’t feel like a tangible gift the way a mix tape or CD used to.

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@bookish1 I don’t carry on the tradition unfortunately. I don’t know many people that even have the equipment to play a mixed tape and mixed CDs aren’t as fun to make!

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@bookish1 I make them for myself,but mostly for others. It is something I have done for a very long time and in most forms or media. It started with creating mixes of genres on 8-track, cassette, reel to reel, CD,DVD, etc. Mostly music, but also photo slideshows for families. It usualy carried an emotional message in its content compilation.

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