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Why won't my CDR drive open?

Asked by beccalynnx (459points) October 19th, 2008

i’ve got a pretty reliable dell, with a CD drive, and a CDR drive. i just burned a new cd with itunes, but it won’t eject/open. the activity light doesn’t even blink, even though it should. i’ve tryed manually ejecting it, and ejecting with itunes and windows media player. i want my cd! if i shut my computer off or reboot it, am i going to lose or damage my cd?

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see that little hole there in it ? stick a needle or small paperclip in it, as a manual way to open it

other than that, just reboot it and see what it does…

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hmm. i never even noticed that hole before. sadly, i’ve tried, and it’s still pretty stuck. i guess i’m rebooting it then. thanks

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Rebooting will not damage the disk – at least it shouldn’t. If it does, there was something wrong with the disk to begin with.

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@beccalynnx you might need to force a paper clip in there pretty hard to get it to eject. The only real way the drive will be completely wedged shut would be if the disk was just to “explode” (i use that term loosely) and a fragment of the disk is jamming the ejection, but i doubt that very much. Rebooting could (if its a software problem, which windows does alot) help, try ejecting the drive just as you computer boots up. That way windows cant lock the ejection on your drive.

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My Dell does the same thing. I have had to reboot it each time.

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ack. rowenaz, ditto. i’ve made three new discs since then, and everytime i’ve had to reboot. i have no clue why. and it’s pretty annoying.

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My next computer will not be a dell, I can tell you that.

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