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If you had to use the bathroom/restroom...

Asked by christos99 (782points) July 24th, 2012

If you had to use the bathroom/restroom for #2, would you use a work (or public) bathroom or wait until you got home?

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where ever I am.

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Why would I wait? (and you can write “BMs, defecation, taking a shit” here rather than euphemisms)

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I’ve often thought that “poop” should be a category of interest around here. How awesome.

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I go at work. Public restrooms are a different matter, I have no idea when they were cleaned, but if I really have to go, I’ll use one. I just remember to wash my hands after touching anything.

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When a turtle’s head is poking out of my anus, i’m going to park my arse wherever is convenient.

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I’m sure this answer is going to sound sexist… but I don’t think a guy would have a problem pooping anywhere they are.

I’m a girl and I don’t even care where I am. If you gotta go, you gotta go. By holding it in, you could give yourself a really bad belly ache. =[

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I only use the toilet at work for a poo if I really have to and even then, I will only do it if there is no one else in any of the other cubicles that could possibly “hear” what I was doing. I have a bit of a poo phobia and, even after all our years together, I even worry about doing it if my boyfriend is nearby (on holiday I will turn on the shower so the noise from that drowns out any noise I might make!!!)

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Unless it’s coming out and I’ve gone blue in the face, I wait to get home. Depends on the degree of urgency!

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If I’m in a public place that’s clean and I probably won’t see these people again I’ll go there. I no longer work outside the home, but when I did I only did if it was urgent or no one else was there. I think girls are more likely to hide poop than guys.

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If everyone around me had a problem with pooping in a public place, at work or elsewhere, I’d just sit there and start reciting the children’s book Everyone Poops as I plop ‘em out.

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I don’t care where I am. As long as the restroom is decent enough, I’ll go.

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Traveling abroad has pretty much gotten me over any poop phobias I have although I prefer to be in a stall with no-one nearby.

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My first job involved a lot of travel. I’d leave the office at 8:00 AM and I might not get back til 6:00 or 7:00 PM. Take a guess.

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Due to surgery I go multiple times a day, so I had to get past this a long time ago. I will usually wait until a public restroom clears out, though, if I can. If I can’t I wait till someone flushes. XD

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I usually try to wake up 3 hours before I have to be at work to ensure that I have enough time to shit properly. Not because I have shitting-in-public phobia, but because I am in a much better mood if I get that taken care of before I leave the house.

I don’t mind using public restrooms anywhere, but I’ll hold it in if my only option is a port-a-potty. Because I do have a “not being able to wash my hands after taking a shit in a filthy public toilet” phobia. Must be a Brahmin thing shrugs

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If I have to go while I’m at work or school, then I will, otherwise I risk being constipated. And I’d rather go at work/school and have someone possibly find out that I do something everyone does than be constipated >.<

As it is, I almost never have to take a crap while at work or school. It’s always been that way :P

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If you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Good lord, I would use the public or work bathroom.

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Lol if a toilet is available why hold it?? I am definately going to just go in a public restroom

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Growing up a son of a construction manager, and having been involved in field construction for a good part of my life, too, you learn early on (and have frequent chances to reinforce the knowledge) that “the world is my bathroom”.

When I travel in Asia I also make sure to pack extra handkerchiefs and sanitary wipes, too, because not every place even has paper. (And carry the backpack into the stall.)

PS: Now women can enjoy some of the same freedom as men in this regard.

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I usually try to wake up 3 hours before I have to be at work to ensure that I have enough time to shit properly.

That was the coolest thing I read today.

I don’t mind, I mean if I have to go I have to go. I much prefer the company of my own toilet at home, but if nature calls, ya gots to answer, man.

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@Symbeline: Haha, it’s good for the health!

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Josie stole my answer.

But I see no reason not to go if I have to. If it bothers someone else, too bad. That’s why it’s called a toilet, duh.

Besides chances are I’ll never see them ever again so….

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I go when I have to go. Usually I’m either at work or home and I try to avoid places in general that might have bathrooms so grungy I can’t bear to put my ass on the seat.

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I will try as hard as I possibly can to hold it in if I’m at work/school or in public. On very rare occasions, if I absolutely have to go in public, I will- but I always wait for the room to clear out first. I don’t even like people to hear me pee, for some reason; I usually try to wait for someone else to start or for a toilet to flush (partially to mask the sound of my peeing, and partially so that people don’t hear that initial tiny fart that sometimes comes out before you pee). What can I say? I’m high-maintenance.

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Top Tip: always poo at work. Not only will you save money on toilet paper, but you’ll also be getting paid for it.

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@flutherother That was the best answer to this question. Holy Hell! I work with 6 guys, no women. I’d rather shit and let them clean it up. Especially because I have to clean the bathroom once a month and I’m the only one that doesn’t have to use the urinal!!

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Unless it is an emergency or unless the public restroom is well and frequently maintained, I will wait to have a bowel movement. As a male, I can urinate wherever facilities exist or outdoors in the woods.

It’s about feeling safe and comfortable.

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You say this as if you think I ever leave my house. :]

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I’ll wreck any restroom available if the need is bad enough. When we travel, I have to pack some ‘ass gaskets’ for the wife unit or she won’t go anywhere, or strain her quad’s trying to perch.

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I work in the field, and many times there are NO bathrooms. Occasionally, you have the choice of messing yourself, trying to wait till you get home, or using one of the port-o-lets. I have worked in the field 35 years, and I have never crapped in a port-o-let, but I have come close to messing myself, and had to improvise (usually a tent, a bucket, and a plastic bag).
I am very territorial. I usually only use my home facility, or an office one if it is decent, and I am desperate.

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If it’s a one-toilet-only public bathroom (like at a gas station), I’ll use it. If it’s a bathroom full of stalls, I will try like hell not to. I don’t even like to poop at a friend’s house.

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Sometimes if you need to go bad enough you will do it behind a big rock.

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@Fly I feel exactly the same way that you do about peeing. If I know someone is in another stall but it’s all quiet, I can’t pee. I have to wait until they flush!! I know how you feel about that possible initial fart too!

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I know nothing about this initial fart. I never got the memo O_o

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I’ve been in some nasty-assed crappers.. just using a wettened hand towel on you’re sitting surface and one to dry it off before squatting (don’t forget the under ridge) will eliminate any worries then wash good before exiting.. make certain you use the dry off towel to open the door on exit THEN dispose of it in the closest outside receptacle will be as much protection as you’d expect no matter where you dump. Don’t worry about what you can see, it’s what you don’t see that’s the monster and following the above steps will protect you in that respect.. Just don’t touch anything soft on the walls.

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Sounds like a lot of action to try to take the place of an immune system :/

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I’d just hold my nose and use an ass gasket. but only if I were in dire peril of soiling myself.

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Build up your quadriceps and hover and hang it in just high enough to avoid the big splash. Americans have shit for quadriceps so they usually fall in.

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OMG! I bet you got all the responses you really wanted but let me add one more. I use work and public toilets just like any where else as when I enter one I first wet a paper hand towel and wipe off the seat and any other area I might touch then dry it with a dry towel, use it then wash my hands and dry, then take the towel I dried with and open the door to leave by using the towel and then find a trash can after I leave to trash it.. It’s as sanitary as any toilet you can use. Just the thought of where you are will not create a disease. Do I sometimes get wierd looks? Ask me if I care.

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