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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, does that go for sexy as well?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) July 22nd, 2014

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To a point, I guess that would be the same for whom or what is considered sexy or not. Which of you find her sexy? I am not asking if is she sexy by Maddison Avenue standards but you personally, what do you find sexy about her, and expound on what that is and why?

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She is a woman and therefore she is sexy and beautiful. I don’t even need to look at your ridiculous picture which I can tell is ridiculous because hovering my cursor over the link I read fat-girl thong.

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You’re obsessed with this crap.

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@Dan_Lyons She is a woman and therefore she is sexy and beautiful.
Therefore, any woman you would see you would date, even the woman in question? Also, if you believe this woman to be beautiful, do tell, what is it you find beautiful and sexy about her?

@chyna You’re obsessed with this crap.
What crap is that? To learn why people find beauty in things, or people Maddison Avenue or Hollywood doesn’t? I know the Media doesn’t find her attractive or sexy because she is not hawking me potions, tools, etc. on the pages of magazines, I can thus conclude she is ugly, but those of you who are more ”enlightened”, as you say, I am curious if you find her sexy why do you when Maddison Avenue and the Media doesn’t? If she is, there would be little problem pointing out her beauty or sex appeal.

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Not really. this is more like it when it comes to + sized.
she is slightly heavy and a bit nerdy. that is sexy perfect to me.

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No @Hypocrisy_Central just because all women are sexy and beautiful does not mean I will date any woman. That is a somewhat moronic attempt to irk me, I see. I find that she is a female human being. This is sexy and beautiful. Also she has beautiful eyes and silky hair.

Why are you disturbed by people whom you are told to dislike by the media? Are you a fat ugly guy?

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“I know the Media doesn’t find her attractive or sexy because she is not hawking me potions, tools, etc. on the pages of magazines, I can thus conclude she is ugly.”

@Hypocrisy_Central So you’re saying that the media dictate your personal opinions? I’m not saying I’m “enlightened”, I’m just saying I have opinions of my own.

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Yes @Hypocrisy_Central, sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

The woman in the photo you linked must be pretty comfortable with who she is and confident in herself, to me that is sexy. There is really no need to adhere to believing what the media tells you is sexy is the only version of sexy there is.

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I believe Beauty is Skin Deep, Ugly goes clear to the Bone.

But Sexy… is in the mind. A person can be very sexy without being particularly attractive. It is in how she/he feels about her/him self.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yes I think the Nintendo girl is cute. It is smiling and being happy that turns my crank.

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No, sexy is in the pants.

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@CWOTUS “Is this the most ridiculous discussion yet on Fluther?

No, this one is!

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@ARE_you_kidding_me The first woman, do you find her sexy and what about her is sexy to you, no bone showing, stomach paunch, appearance of softness, more accentuated curves, etc.? How is she more or less sexy than the second woman you posted?

@Dan_Lyons Also she has beautiful eyes and silky hair.
At least we got that much. I guess even that is still not enough to make her ”date worthy”, thanks for clearing that up.

@dxs So you’re saying that the media dictate your personal opinions?
No, it was a general observation of logic, Maddison Avenue puts people out there that are supposed to be handsome, attractive, sexy, etc. There are some models gracing pages of magazine I don’t find to my taste even way slender.

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We all hve different opinions on sexy. I like pretty man feet & some go for golden showers. Depends on the person.

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@Hypocrisy_Central It’s the waist-hip ratio. The subtle accents make it. If the first girl was heavier the fertility cues diminish and the cues that key in poor health dominate. The second girl is more sexy to me, her curvature, soft skin, natural hair and organic smile are just irresistible.

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Oy. Here we go again. WTF is Maddison Avenue? Sounds like a porn star. Do you mean Madison Avenue, as in the street?

@ARE_you_kidding_me The second girl is heavy? Looks like a healthy weight to me.

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For a moral “man of God”, OP seems to be awfully obsessed with sex*. Just a pattern I’ve noticed.

(*Big surprise, I know.)

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Beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece painted on a napkin.

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What is Maddison Ave? Is this a new American slang for attractive? Is it a porn star? I do know there is a Madison Ave in New York….

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Maddison Avenue is a soy candle company in the UK. Use of the term, repeatedly, suggests how out-of-touch the OP is with general society on the issue at hand.

@Dan_Lyons saying that all women are sexy and beautiful is as ludicrous as @Hypocrisy_Central suggesting that overweight women are not perceived as sexy or beautiful. I don’t believe that you genuinely think all women are sexy and beautiful just because they have vaginas. If anything, your assertation should be that all humans, being reproductive beings, are sexy and attractive. Which means you find @Hypocrisy_Central a sexy and attractive man, too. How could all women be sexy and attractive if not all men?

All women are not sexy, or beautiful. There are examples of sexy or beautiful in all shapes, colors, and sizes, however.

Sexy and beautiful are not synonymous terms. Many cross-cultural studies have been done, on newborns all the way to the elderly, that have attempted to define beauty. People, as a whole, are drawn to classical facial beauty, which science has struggled to define. Some say it’s the symmetry of the face, or full lips, wide eyes, high cheekbones, whatever. In reality it’s very hard to define but we know it when we see it, babies included.

Sexy is subjective, and thank goodness for that, or I’d never get laid! I find confidence sexy. I find people that are passionate and have discovered what stirs their passion sexy. I used to work with a chef that was not handsome at all, but when he was putting together a dish and completely absorbed in the moment, I found him sexy as hell. Later, outside of the kitchen, I found him to be a total creep, but watching him cook was sexy to me. Same goes for watching the doctors in the ER. Not all are visually attractive, but watching how smart they are, and how quickly they assess a situation and can delegate orders, I think each one of them, male or female, is extremely sexy. I could give many more examples of less attractive people being very sexy to me because of their actions and attitudes, but I will spare you all.

To address the woman in the OP’s picture: she is definitely sexy to someone. My guess is a lot of people find her sexy. Lingerie is sold up to a 4x in my local shops, and there wouldn’t be a market if that size wasn’t buying it. They aren’t hiding it or covering it up. She keeps herself well groomed, which is sexy. She would not be as sexy in dirty, food crusted sweats and a bun, but neither would I. It’s presentation. And she definitely has got that presentation going on.

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Not much is more sexy than a woman who is comfortable with her body and this girl/model seems very comfortable with her body and judging by the look on her face is she would give her man quite the joy ride in bed. But she could exude sexy all day long and I would not be attracted to her in the least.

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@AshLeigh Beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece painted on a napkin.
That would have to mean unattractiveness with intelligence is a finger-painting painted on fine mould made expensive water color paper.

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Short of a morbidly obese person, intellect and humor are THE most attractive qualities one can possess. Give me a creative, humorous, intelligent person any day of the week over some physically beautiful empty skulled cretin. lol
Now if one can find both physical beauty and brains in the same package, well…Eureka!

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^ Now if one can find both physical beauty and brains in the same package, well…Eureka!
That goes without saying

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I don’t find the girl in the OP attractive but I think that’s as much to do with the jeans half off her arse and the thong showing as it is to do with her weight. I wouldn’t find that pose and style of dress attractive in a skinny girl either. It says to me she’s an exhibitionist and that is a trait I find unattractive and un-sexy.

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Sexy is the attitude from within woman.

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