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Does anyone notice changes in the quality/content of children's cartoons?

Asked by andreaxjean (1268points) July 24th, 2012

My daughter is three and Spongebob Squarepants is a frequent cartoon that plays on our television. What I’ve just noticed is that the placement of the grill at the Krusty Krab always changes from next to the serving window to the back of the room. Not only this, but also the colors of the characters have changed from when the cartoon was first launched on Nickelodeon. I’m not sure if this is just a Nickelodeon thing or if other stations do this with their cartoons (like Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel).

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Art evolution is not uncommon in animation, and can be caused by a wide range of things, like a change in the staff or the budget, or how much coffee somebody had that morning.
The placement of the grill is most likely due to either inattention or else is a response to a dramatic necessity.

TvTropes states that, “season one [of Spongebob Squarepants] looks very different from the rest of the seasons. It is the only season that used hand-painted animation cels (beginning with season 2, the series switched to digital ink-and-paint), and the animation is noticeably more crude and inconsistent. Also, Patrick’s appearance is slightly different.

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I do.
The one that stays with me most is that Shaggy from Scooby Doo used to wear a red top instead of a green one, and blue trousers instead of red. The rest of the characters dressed differently too…

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Here’s another cartoon that completely changed. This is the first Bugs Bunny cartoon. He sounds like an imbecile.

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:O ^
I’m glad it changed, lol!

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@MilkyWay I know, wasn’t it awful? Porky Pig seemed more like the Elmer Fudd character that we know.

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Another one that changed a lot was Popeye. The original cartoons from the 40’s were really well done like This (check out the awesome hornpipe dancing segment that starts at 2:45) but then in the early 70’s they morphed into This Horrible Version. Even the original villan, Bluto, was changed into Brutus for some unknown reason.

This is Bluto and this imposter is Brutus

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A quick look at the episodes from the first Simpsons segments from the Tracy Ullman show is very different from what we see these days.

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All the “Peanuts” characters changed from those early days and Charles Schultz did them all?

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@MilkyWay There is a Scooby episode where Daphne’s purple tights momentarily disappear that I always think of when I watch any episode of the show.

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Transformers. Oh man, they just keep changing. And right before your eyes too!

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