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Is there a TV series you find so addictive that you just love finding another addict?

Asked by Blueroses (18251points) July 25th, 2012

Mine is Downton Abbey. I love it. Can’t wait for the new season! I’m so excited that my co-worker loves it as much as I do! I have someone who will discuss and speculate the future of the show with me!

What shows get you all wound up for the coming season?

people who say “I don’t watch tv” need not answer.

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Chuck, so sad it’s ended but at least it was on its own terms. Basically all my followers/followees on Twitter are Chucksters.

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Xena Warrior Princess. I love finding new fans so we can talk about it haha. Never gets old.

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Breaking Bad, Dexter, Mad Men

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@Judi I’m with you on Dexter. How they left it? What will happen to Deb?

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All of them? Half the fun of watching a tv show is finding other people to geek out about it with.

Doctor Who, obviously. Scandal. Once Upon A Time. Downton Abbey. (But seriously, though, the Christmas eppy??? squee.) I’m rather enjoying the Monday morning hateship of The Newsroom. I had someone to watch The Good Wife with me, but then she decided she wanted her husband to watch, and he hadn’t seen any of it, so they had to start from the beginning, and now they’re only 3 episodes into Season 2 and the summer is half over. So! Rude! Luckily, she is caught up on Community, so, at least there’s that. (But we do not even know about Season 4…).

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Doctor Who and Sherlock (the Masterpiece version)

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With you on Downton Abbey!

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Good stuff. lol

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Yep, Arrested Development, Venture Brothers, and Spaced.
feel free to PM me if you like any of these, haha

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It’s called breaking bad.

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I like Downton Abbey, or Downtown as my husband insists on calling it to wind me up.

I LOVE Mad Men though and Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, True Blood.

I like British programmes like Silent Witness, Wire in the Blood, Waking the Dead. I love British crime and drama shows.

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Go ahead and pour on the hate… I didn’t get into Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

They were fine and I gave each 4 episodes to hook me. Neither did.

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I have a lot of free time this summer, so I have a lot of favorite shows. Downton Abbey is a favorite. ActuallyI like many historical fiction type shows. The Borgias and to a lesser extent Boardwalk Empire. Also some Sci Fi shows like Eureka, Doctor Who, Sanctuary.

All of the shows I truly get excited about when others admit to liking them are embarrassing. True Blood (Vampires!!), Vampire Diaries (More vampires!) Covert Affairs (The plot is bad sometimes, but the characters are so likable!) and Gossip Girl (a remnant from my middle school love of the books.)

But if I had to choose one, it would definitely be True Blood.

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I’m addicted to Breaking Bad. But I’m a season behind so don’t tell me anything!

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The only series I’ve ever had a feeling of camaraderie for is Firelfy.

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Two And A Half Men.
I also love the X-Files, I’ve watched every single episode. Twice :p

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Currently, it’s Justified. I was late getting to this show, so I binge-watched the first two seasons, after having discovered the third. Any time you have Raylon Givens and Boyd Crowder together on the screen, it crackles.

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I don’t watch t…........;¬}
None now, but as a kid I loved this programme.
I mean, it’s shit, but entertaining shit at least.

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Mr Bean actual and animated too. Small wonder, though it’s old. Popeye, Takeshi’s Castle.

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Gotta go with Dexter, though I think I’m a season or so behind now as I no longer get the the right channel. (DAMN!) The Walking Dead has got me now as well since I made it through Season 2. True Blood is Kind of hit and miss for me too….. Love finding people who also enjoy the shows and love speculating on what will happen next.

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