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What is good pump up music for running?

Asked by roundsquare (5512points) July 27th, 2012

I need more running music and I like stuff that pumps me up. Right now, the song that works best for me is You Got Served – Fatman Scoop Feat. Timbaland & Magoo – Drop.

Please give me more music. I’ve gotten myself into a great exercise routine but the music forms a critical part of it.

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Doin this from an iPod so I’m not going to provide links, but I highly reccomend the album “drive” by the crystal method. I think they designed it for runners! It even has warm up and cool down songs. Ive been listening to that one for work outs for years. Vegas by the same group is great too.

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I always liked a long remix of Donna Summer’s (RIP) She works hard for the money.

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Go find some Head East. I’m not a tuber, but I’ll see what I can find.
Try this.

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Rising, by the Yoshida Bros.

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I might be wierd for being a younger guy, but in addition to liking a LOT of new stuff, I also enjoy a lot of stuff by the Ventures.

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Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse
Metallica – Through The Never (A lot of Metallica songs actually, but this one came to mind)

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Beautiful Day by U2 is great to start with. I use it as my alarm. Grate to wake up to.

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