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(secret message inside!) Are there tv exercise shows anymore?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) June 23rd, 2009

Remember back in the day when you could turn on and watch like an aerobics routine or some step class? The only one I remember the name of was for kids- Disney’s Mousercize. Do these exist anymore?

Also, I forget who said she wanted to know when it happened, but- ubersiren has been officially knocked up with baby #2! I totally didn’t think I was and only took the test because I had it laying around. We’re super psyched. :o)

One more question- do you know of any good pregnancy workout videos?

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oh my gosh!!! congratulations!!
no, I don’t know any good videos. I imagine having a toddler to take care of is exercise enough hehe

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Your gonna be a mommy?!
Congrats! I don’t know any videos though…

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I don’t know of any videos , congratulations from all here at sandystrachan .
If we ever find any videos tho be sure to inform you .

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Congratulations on #2!

Do you have cable? My cable has a ‘fitness’ channel or ‘exercise TV’ and there are all kinds of workouts and levels on there.

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Congratulations. I would go with the channels like @autumn43 suggested. I seem to remember seeing some exercise shows on some of the women’s channels on weekend mornings. Or maybe they were just infomercials.

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woo hoo!!!!
great news!

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I don’t know of any shows except for the Israeli guy on ESPN, but he’s on rather early in the morning, I think.

And unfortunately, I don’t know anything about exercise videos for pregnant women. :/

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Yaay. New baby smell on the way.

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I’ve heard good things about Natural Journeys Leisa Hart’s Fitmama Prenatal Workout DVD.

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Congratulations, ubersiren! How old is you first baby?

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And I always thought being pregnant was enough exercise in itself!

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Well, there is this one.

There used to be something on Lifetime early in the day with Denise Austin, but she may have moved it all online

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@Darwin: Sweet! I love online videos and that one was exactly what I was looking for. GA. Also, @Likeradar : I will check that out. I have faith in that title!

@janbb: He’s 2. He’ll be just shy of 3 when the wee babe comes.

@autumn43: Thanks for those suggestions. In using my search feature to look for those channels, I found a goldmine of stuff On Demand, too!

Thanks everyone! I think I’m set on workout stuff. I’ll probably still get fat if I eat cans of cherry pie filling like last time.

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@ubersiren Congrats!

I don’t know of any exercise shows, but I hear of a lot of yoga shows. I’m not sure who your tv provider is, but I’d check “on demand”.

My daughter just suggested check “Discovery Health”

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Wonderful! Keep us up to date as it progresses!

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it’s not mine, folks. i hope. my mojo is that powerful


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Congrats @ubersiren !!! I think I saw a maternity yoga show On Demand—maybe you can find that one?

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Denise Austin used to have a great exercise show on Lifetime. It hasn’t been on for about a year though. You can find her workout dvd’s just about anywhere. Here’s her pregnancy DVD. She’s helped keep me in shape for years.

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Baby in the house! Woo Hoo!

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Congrats on the bambino-to-be!

Exercise shows, they don’t make ‘em like they used to.

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Try Shiva Rae. I haven’t seen this prenatal one, but she has some great regular yoga videos.

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Congratulations Ubersiren! When I was pregnant I like Kathy Smith’s pregnancy work out video.

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Googling Kathy Smith. Yes! Scrunch socks… that’s what I like to see on a workout video instructor!

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Her look is dated (how about that leotard?!), but she is sooo much less annoying than Denise Austin!

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@SuperMouse Denise is very perky! Her enthusiam really helped to keep me in shape. Blondesjon agrees with you. :)

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@jonsblond for some reason her pregnancy video drove me out of my mind!

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@SuperMouse Blame it on the hormones.

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@jonsblond : I remember that about her… But I think I need that perkiness now more than ever.

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@ubersiren That’s what I’m talking about. How can someone be sooo happy? I want to know her secret.

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@jonsblond Could be the result of the money she was making from the video, or perhaps the coke, that makes her happy.

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@jonsblond all those delicious idaho potatos.

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I love Fluther! :D

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I’ve used Collage Video to purchase exercise videos, and they have several Pregnancy options. I haven’t used them in a while, but I’d guess that they still have very detailed descriptions of the videos as their employees actually do the routines and rate them.

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The video section has a whole list of them.

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If you do opt for watching Discovery Health, you might want to avoid all of the difficult pregnancy reality shows like this one or this one . They can make you start worrying about all sorts of possibilities.

OTOH, once number two is born you can watch them and feel lucky.

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@Darwin i agree.

@ubersiren may not realize this right now, but something very scary is going to happen in a few months. i saw a video at the Boston Museum of Science. the memory haunts me.

and the last thing she needs to see is Ricki Lake naked in a pool of her own blood and baby fluids.

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@YARNLADY : Thanks for the list! See… places I never think of looking.

@Darwin : My 1st pregnancy I watched those shows intentionally to make myself feel better about my own experience. But now that I’ve had a horrible c-section recovery, I can’t watch them at all anymore. No birthing shows whatsoever. They upset me too much.

@eponymoushipster: Boston Museum of Science has Ricki Lake’s water birth video? That’s just weird.

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@ubersiren no, they have a lady from, i think, given the uhm “haircut”, 1972, giving birth. and the video is, shall we say, from the business end.

ricki lake was on TV – Discovery or something.

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@eponymoushipster I just watched that movie with Ricki Lake giving birth. It’s called “The Business of Being Born” excellent movie!

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@casheroo it’s her “business” that i don’t want to see.

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Congratulations! Happy News, wonderful! :)

Here is a link to target

There are several DVDs on this page that are good for pregnancy workouts. I did Yoga, until I was on bed rest in both pregnancies.

I’m so happy for you and your family!!

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Congratulations! In a few months we will have to start a “who wants to give @ubersiren a baby shower gift?” question. Yay for babies and presents!

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@elijah: Hahaha…! That’s pretty flippin’ sweet, but merely logging onto Fluther is gift enough :D

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@ubersiren someone started a wedding gift one for our newly married couple sccrowell and whatthetfluther and I thought it was pretty cool.

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@elijah : Ooh, I just searched for it… such a cute idea! How do I keep missing these threads?

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@ubersiren Try adding more topics and fields of interest to your profile.

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[mod says] Personal attacks are not permitted, and have been removed.

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Youtube search it, then you can pull up all of the vintage 80s ones – pink lycra here we come!

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