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Does this site look legit to you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42254points) July 29th, 2012

Doug’s Barley Straw

Yes, I’m still on the hunt for barley hay to control algae in our pond. We’d have to travel several hours to pick up barley straw because it isn’t grown in Kansas.

Then I found that site. $15.00 for a bale of hay, delivered. My cart shows a total of $15.00, then below that, “Grand total” of $15.00 so…no shipping? I’m finding this hard to believe. I haven’t given them any information yet.

What do you guys think?

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Of course they charge for shipping. The cost estimator for that is on the next page when you complete the order.

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Yeah…you’re right. $28 for shipping. I just didn’t want to give them my name, address, etc until I was sure. But, I couldn’t get shipping unless I provided that info. Well, duh there too. They needed to know how far away it was.

So….$45 for a bale of hay. We’d spend $30 in gas going where ever. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions….

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I would go get it and do something fun on the trip.

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Why not call the guy? He gives his phone number at the bottom of the page.

Ockhams Razor is usually the simplest approach.

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It’s in Ohio. I’m in Kansas. I figure I get a bale shipped, and if it works like it’s supposed to, THEN get a trailer and make a road trip run! Get a motel and stuff. :)

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@elbanditoroso GA for Occam’s Razor

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