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Help me with this English homework.

Asked by misty123 (407points) July 29th, 2012

Please help me with the following sentences:

1. The training was really useful. It will help us testing the product.


2. The training was really useful. It will help us test the product.


3. The training was really useful. It will help us in testing the product.

I think the preposition “in” used in the third sentence is really redundant. What is the type of the verb when it is used like verb + object + verb?

I mean if you compare it with make clause, make + object + verb/adjective, example, She made me do the murder.

I think the first one would indicate the testing activity is in progress and the attended training will help in improving the process, and compared to second sentence, it indicates the testing activity will start some time later and the attended training will be useful once it begins.

Please advise!

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#2 doesn’t make sense, because the training doesn’t test the product, it’s the skills learned while being trained that help us when we test the product.

#1 The same problem as #2, it is a bit confusing if the training will be testing the product, or helping the people that are testing the product.

#3 is right because it has a preposition tied to a gerund. The in is not redundant, it preposes the subject as using the training in the process of testing.

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I am not an English expert.

I think sentence number 1 is written poorly. Doesn’t sound right to me. 2 and 3 are fine, I like 3 best. I actually would write it using “when” instead of in, but I think in is good also.

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#2 and #3 are grammatically correct, but #1 isn’t.

@zenvelo might be right about #2, though I think most people will understand what you mean.

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I like number 2 and number 3 equally.

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I go along with @zenvelo. #3 makes the most sense and #1 is grammatically incorrect. You don’t use training the way you use a shovel to dig a hole. You can use what you learned in the training, or you can say that the training has prepared you for testing.

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To test.

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Thank you folks! :D

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