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How is this modern society civilized if there are nuclear bombs ready to annahilate any second of any day?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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hello seven. Society civilized yes, governments not.

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Ready to annihalate, in defence. Not to disrupt the peace. Add the word hopefully.

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Having the nuclear bombs deters the non-civilized humanity from waging war on civilized humanity. It is human nature that a bully is more likely to pick on an unarmed victim than an armed one.

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HEY!! it’s not the goverment’s fault, the people are “civilized” we got third world countries out there filled with radicals who are ****ing brainwashed and want to destory other countries. who made the first nuke not the president, it was a “civilized” person.

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civilized by threats of annalhilation

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What keeps us civilized is the fear of retaliation – Before nukes countries were all fighting to be the “super power” but now with the threat of nuclear retaliation no one wants to risk losing millions of lives AND all the other side effects that one bomb would bring.

Without nukes this world would be a very violent place.

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I feel that civilized is just a term we use to make ourselves feel good despite the fact that we still have wars over whose god is better, and other irrational things like that.

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Just making an atomic bomb is a crime against humanity in my view. And let’s not pretend they will never be used when they already have.

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