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When visiting Seattle what are some cool places we should check out?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) July 31st, 2012

This is a family trip, not looking to go clubbing or party in general but looking for a good time and plenty of photo opportunities. Thanks!

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The Space Needle.
Pike Place Market.
The Public Library, it’s beautiful.
Seattle Museum of Art.

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The Pike Place Fish Market! It may sound crazy, but the people that work there put on a show for people of all ages. Here is one example.

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The Underground Tour.

If you will be there for a week or more, I recommend driving up to Vancouver for two or three days. If that is a possibility I can tell you things to do in Vancouver, I think that city is fantastic.

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The king tut exhibit is at the science center right now.

Also our zoo and aquarium are amazing (I have been to a lot of these elsewhere and have been disappointed)

Also the Seattle great wheel just opened. The cars are heated and air conditioned and you can get a great view.

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Wow all these are all great! Thanks so much!

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Visit the Experience Music Project / Museum (housed together with Sci-Fi museum). And catch King Tut while you’re there in Seattle.

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Kerry Park is your must-do photo op. it sits high on a hill northwest of downtown and affords an excellent view of downtown, Elliot Bay, and Mt. Rainier if conditions are favorable.

The Ride the Ducks tour of Seattle is really good. It’s a tour riding on a WWII-era amphibious vehicle and runs on land and water. Fun stuff.

You can also book orca whale watching tours through a few companies, but the Seattle aquarium has a nice one, too. There are three resident pods of whales that live in Puget Sound (mostly north around the San Juan Islands), and the companies all work together to locate them, so it’s pretty reliable. Plus, you’ll get to see bald eagles and other wildlife.

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Oooh, I just did whale watching in Juneau and it was fantastic! People who had been before in other states said they had never seen so many at once come up out of the water together while feeding. However, a girlfriend of mine did go whale watching while in Vancouver, probably practically the same waters as Seattle, and she said it was great. Time of year affects if the whales are around I would think? That is a great family adventure thing to do though.

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