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Any recommendations for good luggage at a good price?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6416points) August 1st, 2012

I’m not looking for Tumi here, but something good that will last beyond one flight. I need a larger size (29”) and then a carry-on (21”). Definitely need them on wheels. Suggestions?

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When I buy again next – it’ll be Samsonite.

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Last three luggage purchases were at a “REAL” outlet stores ( i.e. Hartmann leather ). Samsonite is a good buy also, stay away from unknown names.

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I don’t have a particular brand to recommend, but I did just buy new luggage and I have some feedback. I believe the brand was Delsey, and it looks like a hard case, but it is extremely lightweight. I love that it is lightweight, and that it probably won’t get ruined easily when checked. It also has the four wheels, I think they call it a spinner, and that is fantastic! I highly recommend that feature. The particular case I bought has the split sides, meaning when you open the suitcase you put clothes on both halves, and that I think I would not purchase again. I find it awkward to close, and basically impossible to use a luggage stand in a hotel.

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@zensky I’ve been looking at some Samsonite
@Tropical_Willie I would do outlet, but it’s a gift for me and my grandmother isn’t going to travel to any outlet.
@JLeslie I keep seeing Delsey but have never heard of it. I was looking on Macy’s website and they have a bunch of Delsey, but I really know nothing about the brand except what is in their description and a few reviews, which were positive. Yeah that split thing is something i definitely would not want.

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@Ponderer983 Overall I am happy with the quality for the price. I will say that the more expesive luggage is, the better made typically. There is some value in the pricing. My old luggage lasted a very very long time, and it was easy to see the difference in quality in the fabric and the stitching. I was reluctant about the split side thing, and I should have listened to my gut on that. But, it is not a huge deal sonce that bag is a large one and I only use it when I am likely to be staying somewhere for a while and am likely to unpack.

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Check Kohl’s they have sales all the time and with the addl. discount cards my wife just picked up several pieces for peanuts. It was High Sierra I believe.

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I travel most of the time and have worn out many very expensive suitcases. I started going to e-bags, saved some money and got luggage that lasts a couple years of hard travel and saved a few bucks.

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I’ve always gotten my luggage at a TJ Maxx store. I have some bags I bought several years ago that have been all over the world.
A set of Pierre Cardin and I bought them for their looks and durability not the brand name. They carry a good selection of luggage at different times and it is always quality brands for discount prices.

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I’ve always liked Luggage Guru. Great selection and prices.

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