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Why can't I think strait?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) June 2nd, 2008

I’m a cook. I used to be real good. I started working at this new place (two months now) and I just can’t think fast or move fast anymore. Any advice?

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Are you getting along with your coworkers? It might help to hang out with some of them and become more comfortable in your workplace. Also, are you comfortable with the food you’re cooking? or have you jumped into something new, different, exciting?

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It’s not the people. All though it’s going cause problems because I’m gonna be there boss and they’re better right now.

It is different then what used to do by I should have it by now.

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Are you getting enough rest? or have something on your mind that is distracting you? It’s hard to say what is causing you to become unfocused. Perhaps you are not properly motivated at work?

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My rest is getting messed up because I’m stressing over this.

My motivation should be fine. If I do well I’m going to be a CHEF in the downtown of major city.

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Simon, I have no doubt that you’re still good at what you do, there’s just something getting in the way. Starting a new job and then having the added pressure of knowing that you’re going to be their superior probably amounts to two stress points as opposed to one. Have you been a superior in the kitchen before (lacking the knowledge of proper terminology)?

Take a step back and focus on regaining your confidence. Visualize yourself in the kitchen, see yourself performing confidently and then maybe go back to the knowledge that you possess, you’ll probably find that you have a wealth of it. Relax and tap into it combining your confidence and drawing upon things that you know you’re good it. Don’t allow your posture to slack, force yourself to adopt a quicker step. Even do a workout to get your adrenaline pumping a little bit.

I know you can do it, and you know it, too. Start believing it.

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I’ve been up for about 35 hours and 2 shifts of work. Im pretty much with you :)

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You’re stifled by the learning curve of your new place of work.

Just allow yourself time to get up to speed. You need to learn the practices and processes of this new place. Just because you did a similar job before does not mean you will be an instant expert.

Take it in your stride, do the best you can and before you know it, you’ll be flying ;)

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I’ve worked in very high-stress kitchens and I know exactly what you’re talking about. A well run kitchen is an extremely complex organization. It isn’t just a bunch of individuals each doing their own thing; it’s a kind of neural network where everyone is tuned into what everyone else is doing and responding accordingly. Very little of that happens at a verbal level. You just know instinctively, without thinking, what needs to be done and when. But it takes a long time for a new arrival to plug into a new kitchen’s “brain”.

Thinking slows you down tremendously in kitchen work, and you’re forced to do a lot of thinking at the new place. You can’t just let your hands do what they know how to do because your too busy trying to figure out how this place works. I don’t care how good you are, any chef who gets thrown into a new kitchen feels like an idiot. Trust me, you’ll eventually find the wavelength of this place and start humming right along with the
rest of them.

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Maybe because you can’t spell ‘straight’ correctly.

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its what breanne said, the coworkers. You need your wingman. Now get your ass back to Jersey. :P

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I’d invite you to spend a day in a restaurant kitchen and see how far your good spelling gets you.

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Can you think channel?
I guess this puts you in dire straits!

(im so, so sorry)

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you must get enough sleep in this transition period is there some other activity (television, socializing) you can drop to take better care of yourself…

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@uber Maybe I just need to play Danger Zone over and over again.

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On a side note- if this is a new phenomenon for you you may wish to be certain that the cause is not physical.

Getting proper rest and nutrition is part of it- also check your home and vehicle for gas emissions and mold. I had a friend who thought she was getting senile at 40. It turned out that her muffler on her 2 year old car was leaking small amounts of exhaust into the car passenger compartment.

I know it is a long shot but if you are truly slower and cannot think straight be sure to rule out all possible environmental reasons.

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@simone54 man that was the most awesome night ever.

For those of you who dont know, me and simone54 used to cook together at the same restaurant. One night we decided it would be cool while we were busy to just play danger zone on loop until the rush ended and then we would play the anthem when we finished. It was awesome until danger zone started the 25th time. TOO MUCH DANGER ZONE.

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Or just buy yourself an Xbox and get your mind off work when you get home. Work will get easier with time… so just relax, do some yoga or GTA. I find either works pretty well.

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@uberbatman and simone54
That is too cool!! I so wish I’d been at the restaurant that night!

I had a similar experience when I was bartending and one evening, before the crowd came in, the dj decided to loop his favorite song – I think he managed to play it 8 times back to back….

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Stress is the problem. Exercise before work. Belive me it works.

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